American History
Animator Coyotemation
Origin (Game) Vanish
Origin (Episode) "I HATE EVERYTHING"
Release date June 26, 2014
Length 1:44
Animation Guide
Series Markiplier Animated
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"Double Hitler"

AMERICAN HISTORY 101 is an episode of Markiplier Animated created by Coyotemation.


This is the story about how the swole Native Americans helped the starving Pilgrims and in return received DEATH!


Full transcript
America was founded in 1480- fuck I don't know, on the principle of Fuck You. That is America, that is the American way. We have always taught our children great strength from birth Fuck You, and just Fuck All of Yall, and go to hell, and let's see how badly we can screw up the entire world! So anyway we landed on the shores of New Jersey, and the swole Native Americans came out and they were like "Sup nerds, nice belts on your hats." And we were like "I don't much care for you! Mmm I don't think we're gonna get along- OH NO WE'RE STARVING!" And then they were like "You need some protein bro, here take this fish and this corn thing." And we were like "Oh this is awesome you guys are amazing! Hey can we have all this country?" And the swole Native Americans were like "I don't know, that doesn't seem very fair to us." And then they go off there business, and we were like "We gotta get rid of these guys because we're suddenly turning into giant assholes!" And then we decide "Oh we couca- we cou- we could cooperate! You might need something from us, we might need something from you." And they were like "Maybe we need more sweat towels for our massive workouts, because Native Americans are so amazingly awesome!" And they are... but we were like "Oh yeah oh yeah yeah sure yeah sure. Hey, uh, Smallpox Larry! You got a few spare blankets we could toss- AND THEN WE KILL THEM ALL! We kill them all and that's how we started our tradition of Fuck You. And then- then we- we were total dick bags, Americans founded their entire nation on killing people, and taking their stuff... and that's the history of America. That's literally all I've got for this episode.

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