Release Date April 20, 2015
Length 16:41
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Episode 1
Game One Night at Flumpty's 2
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"HARD BOILED MODE (and LOTS of scares)"
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ARE YOU READY? is the 1st episode of One Night at Flumpty's 2 played by Markiplier.


The sequel to One Night at Flumpty's may even have Five Nights at Freddy's beaten for creative game mechanics and balance!


Full transcript
Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to One Night at Flumpty's 2. Now the first part of this game is actually the best Five Nights at Freddy's clone I've ever played, it's horrendously scary and if you haven't seen it already, I recommend watching it right now, link's in the description. But this one, people are saying, is even better than the first. It's still just one night, and still things are taken not so seriously, but hey, that's a good thing- oh, god! Piglet! What happened?!
#Welcome, one and all, to Flumpty Bumpty's, if your light's turned off, then you're safe. If your lights are on, then they'll come find you and rip you a brand new face.#
Song ends
Well, this isn't fun at all! What the hell's going on here? Wait a minute, why is Piglet all ripped open? Why is Freddy's head on there?
Honks Freddy's nose
Ha ha ha, it still works. Oh, no. OK, so there's a vent, there's a cheetah, there's a face, there's a thing and there's a front door.
The Owl is on a urinal
OK, that's not what I was expecting. Oh, it's got a limited battery!
Flumpty is on CAM 1
Woah, hey, Flumpty.
Flumpty moves to CAM 3
Oh, God, I'm gonna die so badly! Is he there? Oh crap! Oh, I've no- hey!
Laptop powers down
Oh, OK! Oh, this is nuts, I'm not gonna be able to do this, am I? 'Cause if that vent's-
Closes the red vent, which causes the blue vent to open
Turns on the laptop, only to be greeted with a start-up screen
Oh. Oh! Oh. Uh oh. Oh no. Oh no, no. Oh no, no. Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh-hoh no, no, no! Oh no, no, no! Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh no, no, this is gonna be bad!
Laptop powers down
I can't think of words to say other than... I'm fubbernucked, because that's pretty much the long on the short of what's gonna happen here. Holy shit.
Turns on the laptop, only to be greeted with a start-up screen
Aw crap, why is that a thi-OK, so I can't let it run out of batteries, or else it has to go through a start up se-oh, OK, so... no... OK, there's Flumpty there. there's what's-his-face. OK. So I... Hey, why is there a face in the wall right there? Aw, I don't think I- baaahhh, mouse activated, so I don't know what this is gonna be about, alright?
The Owl flies through the red vent
Hey! What the fuck is that!?
The Owl emerges from the red vent
The Owl flies towards the screen, before it cuts to static. An eyeball in an egg slicer is seen next to an eyeball which has been sliced. Game over easy
OK! Alright, well, that's... mmmmmkay! Alright, ew, god, ew, that's disgusting! It's an eyeball egg! Is that what's inside Flumpty? OK, so I wasn't ready for that, and I wasn't paying attention to what vent I was looking at, therefore, it didn't end too well for me. Ha ha, oh, this is gonna be a fun game, isn't it? Oh boy, I'm not gonna be able to beat this! People were saying that this one was harder than the first and I actually had a tough time with the first one.
#Welcome, one and all, to Flumpty Bumpty's, if your light's turned off, then you're safe.#
Flumpty is on CAM 3
Hi, Flumpty. It's a little bit early to be showing your face to me. Oh.
#If your lights are on, then they'll come find you and rip you a brand new face.#
Cool. Great song. Loved it, except for when I hated it. Aw man, there's a clown over there. I don't know if that clown's gonna do something to me. I mean, I imagine that pretty much everything here is gonna do something to me. OK. Oh, that owl, Oh, so the-
Laptop powers down
Ohhh, shit, I keep forgetting about that! I gotta remember to not let my power run out or else it'll have to restart! Aw man.
Turns laptop back on
This is so creepy! It's like creepier than the original Five Nights at Freddy's! Or, not that it like- Oh my God! I-it's so cutesy too!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Rawr. Rawr. Rawr.
Rawr. Hee hee. OK, so that-
Flumpty is on CAM 2.
Hey, Flumpty. You're way over there, though. OK, so I-
The Owl's eyes are open
Oh hey, how's it going? OK, so I really cannot let it run out of power or else I'll be scwewed!
A warning sign appears
Woah, what, why? That's-
The Redman.exe program is cancelled
OK, bye! OK. What was that? That was the red thing from the other game, but I mean why was that a thing?
Both Flumpty and Birthday Boy Blam are on CAM 6
Oh hey, Flumpty, you're over there ain't ya? So should I turn it off now? I don't know! I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Uhhh, ooo-uuhhh. Why is there a s-uhhh, don't know. Uh, God, wait, that wasn't there before the w-what's with the wiggly worm of ketchup on the wall? Oh... I'm not going crazy, I-
The Redman.exe program comes up again
Ugh, Agh, uh, whuh? Rrrrgh! I thi-I think... I think... Oh, "die", that's cool, you spelled out die on the floor there. K, I think... I think things are changing...
Turns the lights off and then turns them back on again
...from what they were before...
The Owl flies through the red vent
Oh, shit, vent, vent! Ohh...
Closes the red vent, causing the Owl to fly into the cover with a loud clang
Whomp! That's what you get. What you get, you get for that. OK, so I think I'm OK. But I know this game because I played the first one and things are gonna change as the night goes on. Things are gonna change like a son of a bitch.
The Redman.exe program comes up again
Oh, hey, how's it going there? I'll cancel that. If that's as easy as that takes, then that's gonna be pretty easy to handle.
Flumpty is nowhere to be seen
OK. Oh shit, oh shit, Where's Flumpty? Uh, don't like this!
Turns the lights off. Flumpty appears with his hands covering his eyes, only to uncover his eyes, accompanied by a scare chord
I was right! I was so right! Oh, I knew! Aw man! I couldn't see where Flumpty was! I only had one logical conclusion to make! Ew...
The Redman.exe program comes up again
That's a good- that's a bad sound. I was about to say that's a good sound, but that's... that's the opposite of a- Oh, Weegee opened his eyes! No, Weegee... Luigi has a flag over his head?
The Owl flies through the blue vent just as Birthday Boy Blam shows up
Turns the lights off, only for the Owl to appear from the blue vent
AAAIIEEE! DAMN IT! I wasn't looking at that vent! I was looking at the other vent! Oh, God damn it! Ah, you son of a bitch! I'm not able to judge things accordingly because I don't know where everything is yet. My muscle memory ain't too... Oh... Man, I can't believe there's a hard boiled mode of this. I'm never gonna be able to beat that.
Skip past the song
And what's with the drippy drops at the top of the ceiling? This doesn't make any sense.
There are many eyes in a hole in the floor
What's with you? You weirdo.
Flumpty is in CAM 2
Oh, hey, Flumpty, hi! How's it going?
Laptop powers down
Oh shit, god damn it, I forgot. OK, I just gotta get by. Just gotta get by.
Skip to 1AM
Uh oh, Flumpty! Wh-where's Flumpty!?
The lights are turned off, but Flumpty doesn't appear. Markiplier looks again
Where's Flumpty!?
Flumpty still doesn't appear. The Redman.exe program comes up again, but Markiplier closes it
The Owl starts flying through the blue vent
Uh oh, shit, fuck! Nnngh!
The Owl flies into the vent cover just as Flumpty shows up. Markiplier turns the lights off just before Flumpty uncovers his eyes
BWAAAHH! MMMHMMHMMNUMNUMNUMNUM! Ok, alright, cool! So like the instinct is when the- when the bird's on his way, you might as well just flip flop, or no, maybe that's trying to catch ya. Maybe that'll just catch ya off guard, because you're not supposed to- uh oh. Where's the dude?
The Owl flies through the red vent
Yes! OK, I guessed right!
It doesn't show until you look at-
Birthday Boy Blam shows up
Birthday Boy Blam eventually walks away once the lights are turned off
OK, BYE! Nicely animated leaving walk! Good for you! Why is there a ho- oh no, don't tell me the clown... Oh no...

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