Bleached Eyeballs
Animator LixianTV
Origin (Game) Bleached Eyeballs
Origin (Episode) "OCULUS RIFT AT ITS BEST!!!"
Release date April 18, 2014
Length 1:29
Animation Guide
Series Markiplier Animated
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"Impossible Let's Play: TREADMILL CHALLENGE"
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"Happy Wheels Highlights #45"

BLEACHED EYEBALLS is an episode of Markiplier Animated created by LixianTV.


Even the worst games can look good when animated by the BEST!


Full transcript
Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Let's Play another Oculus Rift horror game called "Bleached Eyeballs". This is so messed up house, man!
They must be- Oh, okay. Ahah! Are there any other switches I need to spining?
1 Hour of backtracking later
Oh, you got to be kidding me! Oh, my-
Hi, yeah, whatever, man!
I wanna go back and play the chicken game. Oh, don't tell I gonna loop back and forward over and over and over-
God, shut the fuck up!
"B" is for Baloney! Which this is! It's also for Butts, which I'm gonna stab of the maker of this game! I gonna stab him in the butt.
Oh! You are the biggest douche, developer, ever! Oh, when I use the word "delevoper" lighly!
Good, I was hoping that there are another room that I can go back and forward on, forever. Beacuse, I'm sure, when he was making this game, he thought that these spinning wheel contraption mechanic was just the most brilliant thing he coulde ever come up with, and the world couldn't get enough of it!
Does enyone remember when game used to be fun?
(after end) DI-ICK!

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