Bad Dream: Bridge
Console PC
Publisher Desert Fox
Genre Point and Click Horror
Episodes 1
Playlist Scary Games!
Run May 1, 2015
Status Complete
Markiplier Game Guide
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Bad Dream: Memories
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Trollface Quest 5

Bad Dream: Bridge is a game played by Markiplier.

Game Information

Bad Dream: Bridge is the final installment of the Bad Dream Series created by Desert Fox. The game was played by Markiplier after getting back from New York Convention and found the game to be very deep as it had paved the way for an actual full-length game within its twisted and crazy universe. Bridge appears to be more of an episode to the next game Bad Dream: Coma which Mark will most likely play when it comes out since he enjoys the other previous games of the series and the morbid story that the series is secretly telling and hiding.


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