Jordan in Gentlemen's Dispute
Alias(es) CaptainSparklez
Gender Male
Born Jordan Maron
Birthdate February 10, 1992
Age 25
Residence Los Angeles, California[1]
Nationality American
Occupation Video game commentator, Vlogger
Years active 2011-present
Internet information
Channel CaptainSparklez
Twitter Jordan Maron
Instagram jordanmaron
Facebook CaptainSparklez
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Jordan Maron, better known by his online alias CaptainSparklez, is a YouTuber with over 9.4 million subscribers and 2.5 billion views affiliated with Polaris network, and has made multiple crossovers with Markiplier. Jordan is known for his calm demeanor, and usually doesn't get very emotional in his videos. He makes Let's Plays, Animations, Music Videos and other video game related stuff. He has multiple Minecraft playlists with Hunger Games and Modded Survival. Of Mark's friends and collaborators, Jordan is the shortest, being only 5'7".


  1. Jordan Maron (January 20, 2014). "Draw My Life - CaptainSparklez". YouTube.
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