Dead Space
Dead Space Box Art
Console PC
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Third-Person Sci-Fi Survival Horror
Episodes 36
Playlist Dead Space
Run May 28, 2012
Status Complete
Markiplier Game Guide
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Dead Space is a game played by Markiplier. It is a critically acclaimed third-person sci-fi survival horror game and was one of the earliest games that Markiplier had ever played. It's the first game of the Dead Space Trilogy and was the first Long Let's Play that Mark had ever done back when he first started.

Game Information

The player controls Isaac Clarke, a ship systems engineer who must fight his way through a mining starship infested with an alien scourge. The crew has been slaughtered, and their corpses reanimated into creatures known as Necromorphs. Some common Necromorph types include Slasher, Lurker, Brute, Pregnant, Bomber. The game is played from an over-the-shoulder third-person perspective.


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