Dead Space 3
DS3-PC cover
Console PC
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Sci-Fi Survival Horror
Episodes 19
Playlist Dead Space 3
Run January 15, 2013 - March 1, 2013
Status Complete
Markiplier Game Guide
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Dead Space 3 is a game played by Markiplier. It is the third installment of the Dead Space Trilogy.

Game Information

Dead Space 3 puts returning protagonist Isaac Clarke and new co-op character Sgt. John Carver against the Necromorphs, human corpses reanimated by the signal of an alien artifact known as the Marker. The Resource Integration Gear (RIG) suit returns, using holographic displays projected from the players' suit and weapons to display health and ammo count, respectively. In vacuum areas, a timer will appear on the player's right shoulder, indicating how much oxygen that character has left before they suffocate.



Dead Space 3 is set in 2514. After the events of Dead Space, EarthGov captured Isaac Clarke and harvested his mind for Marker blueprints in order to revive the Marker program, in which Markers are used to provide resources and power for the Human race. The Marker built by a delirious Isaac on Titan Station somehow "activated", resulting in another outbreak of Necromorphs. Isaac then escaped with mining engineer Ellie Langford after he destroyed the Marker, resulting in Titan Station's destruction.

Three years after the Titan Station incident, a radical Unitologist group known as the "Inner Circle" has begun a reign of violent riots and have been destroying the Marker Test Labs on all major colonies to spread the Necromorph infection.

Dead Space 3: Awakened

The game features a downloadable content pack with additional story set after the convergence had taken place on Tau Volantis' moon.




Full Playthrough


  • Midway in the game, Mark swaps his "Where's the Blacksmith?" quote for "Where's Carver?" as the character frequently disappears throughout the singe player campaign.

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