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Deep Sleep


Release Date August 26, 2014
Length 15:43
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Game Deep Sleep
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Deep Sleep is the one-off episode of Deep Sleep played by Markiplier.


THIS WAS FANTASTIC! Get ready for an adventure into nightmares with Deep Sleep!


Full transcript
Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Deep Sleep, a pixelated style adventure, point-and-click game, that lot of people have been suggested that I play for a long time now, I don't know why I haven't, but there's now three in total games in the series: Deep Sleep, Deeper Sleep and Deepest Sleep if you didn't believe it.
Game starts
"When you look into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. -Friedrich Nietzche" And this game has been around a while, I don't know if it's long or short, all I know that it is a point-and-click adventure game.
Click on bed
"I've just woken up." Very good, me, I'm very instood of my current situation. Oh, hello?
Click on drawer. It's locked.
Em... Okay, so, what I supposed to do in these games that you point and click until you find-
Found a key
Oh, hello! -Until you find exactly what you need. And I assuming that this key is going to go right in there. Yes, okay-
Room starts falling into a dust
Hello? I didn't know that world will start melting on me. Oh, this is cheerful. I love the decore! Oh, there's DEAD MAN in my bed! Em, did I just sleep with that skeleton? Okay... Didn't know that I need a piece of his arm, but whatever.
Looking close into the bed's textures
Wait, does it say something on there? I don't know if it actually says something. Em... Okay, nevermind, I guess I'm done here. Are those mountains on the background? What the hell just happened? I guess I felt asleep. Maybe-
Phone call can be heard
Hello? Hello? What- "It smells really BAD from there." Where am I? Where am I in relation of any of this? Oh, hello!
Found a phone. Message repeatedly tells to wake up and other vague phrases
I DON'T KNOW IF I DO! Okay, maybe... The lightbobe? BEWARE THE LIGHTBOBE? IS THAT LIGHTBOBE THAT GOING TO GET ME? I'm looking, I watch! Yeah, I get it, yeah, I get it, hang up. Hang up the phone-
Clicked on the drawer. Found a flashlight.
Oh, hello. Oh, I got the thing that it has it was. WHAT THE HELL? That's the loudest drawer I've ever heard!
Clicked on plant
"It's dead." So am I. So I have to wake up and be aware of that lightbobe, apperently. Alright, that was fun. Let's go to a different adventure. That has been fun- hello? What am I looking at? "There are big crack in this wall." Okay! So wasn't that lovely? Oh, good... Is this a staircase from Mario 64? Hello? "I'm sure this note gets to you somehow. At this point you should know all this is not real. I hope the inner awakening went well and you have a full, lucid control over the dream. Sincerely, Yourself." So... I'm in my own lucid dream? And I supposed to do what with that knowledge?
Clicked on pipe
"It won't budge." And it's leaking. So do I need to do something to that leak? Is this bone doing anything? What is this? "A cube with the keyhole." Okay... Em... I keep thinking I see something. Ugh, it's dark in here! "It's too dark to see anything..." What is that? Okay, I get out of here! I'm good, I'm good. I need to go down there. Oh, hello. God, the noises are loud! "A piece of old cloth." "A flashlight with no batteries." Oh, I don't want to- Oh, hello. Oh god, okay, I got a rock!
Someone is burning in the furance
AH! OH! JESUS, GOD, DAMMIT! OKAY! Well... You have fun in the sauna, I gonna go... elsewhere. Cheese... "Not with this inferno inside...!" Good, good call broh. Good call, me, since I'm apperently talking to myself. What the hell was that? Obliviously it was a person. So maybe I can just rag and mub this upper, maybe. No? That not right? I thought that might to be right. Maybe I'm wrong... Maybe I'm very, very-
Wet a rag in the puddle on the sixth try
Oh! OH IT DID WORK! What the, some water beast. The way you do in these adventure games just to make sure, that you've touched eveything and anything else. Because at the end of a day you need to make sure everything is touched. Ding-ding! BING-BONK! ANYBODY? ANY GHOSTY-GOOES WHAT A MESS WITH ME? HA?! I GOT... PUNCHER IN YOUR ECTOPLASM. I don't know. Old good games, okay, so the rag doesn't do anything on the big cracks on the wall, not I sircely did. That would be insane! Oh, maybe I can- I can water this? (Dead plant) I know it's dead, but, game, give it a chance. (to the skeleton) Hello, sir. You look sick, let me tab your forhead with wet cloth. Will that do you? Is anything on the bed? Is anything in the plankets? Are you alright? Let me to reach my hand into the plankets. Do you like me to fluf your pillow? Do you like me to fluf your crotch? No, okay, bye. There's got to be something I need this cloth for. "It needs a lever of some sort..." Oh, a bone! I didn't even know that was a thing! Ah, here we go! Good chunk, got you. Okay. "Ouch!! The handle is hot as hell!" Good thing I got this wet cloth. There we go!
Entered cold furance
Maybe it wasn't such a good idea as I remember what was inside here. Hello? Oh, a key! Lovely! Are these- Oh... What?
Brushing away a dust.
What I'm looking at- woah... wow... Oh, that's cool but at the same time, what the hell is going on? I just need to click away... Oh, what is under here? Hello? Oh, it's a code! It's Cody Code, it's Cody Codulululu! Okay, alright. Am I need to write this down? Everybody bare with me for a second.
Accidentally walked away
NOT, GOD, DAMN, DOUBLE A FLAMIT! Okay, look like 8616. Any other secret number? Easter egg? That's really cool, though! That's actually really cool.NO GOD DAMMIT. OKay, so... 8616... WHERE'S MY PAPER?
Okay, 8616... Good thing I found that... Okay, so can I have that back? You, you, keep the bone! I just go on my way and find out where the hell this code goes to. Ding-ding, anybody wanna code? Do I need just walk trough the halls and shout 8616 until someone'll find me and shuts me up for beign stupid? Em... Oh, at least I got a key. Ding-dong, okay, I know where this key goes. I know, I know, I know. I'm all over it. I'm winnig it. I got it, hang on.
Opened a drawer with a key
Yeah yeah, yeah. Ding, yep, batteries. Batteries! Got it, okay, got a flashlight, now I can go to a dark place. Not like I neccesarily want to go into dark place, it's seems like the opposite from I should do, but... Ugh. "Wake up" I think I got that message. Do I really want to go in there? Ha ha, okay. Oh, boy. Wait, that looks familiar. Oh, hello. "A golden statue." Looks like Stephano. Em... Okay.
Weird figure hided into hallway
OKAY WHAT WAS THAT? ALRIGHT THEN! That's how it's going to be? I'm following you. What is that? Is that a way out? Em, I don't trust it! Wait, I want to see what in other door. Hello, creepy horse. Em... I can't read. Hem... "Cody... is lost without his plushie tiger." Okay. So... Hubebe Cody. Okay, I need to find a plushie tiger, is that what so you say? How about golden statue? Anything? No. Em... Piece of coal! A flop of coal in your ass, little Cody. Okay, so I guess I go down this way. What we got? Oh, good, it's normal! Where did I come out? Where am I?
Entered armored door with keypad
Okay... The hell? What the hell? Oh, I got a code! 8616... Okay? Yeah... That's disconcerting. Okay. This is oddly creepy. OKAY! OKAY! Oh, it's dark. Flashlight, thank you! Oh, this is good. I can tell this also's good. That is- Is that a heartbeat? Heartbeat is a sign of comfort in dark palces. Oh, my horror game instincts are tingling! What are those? Boxes, barrels, storage. Hey, pickaxe! That's good, I'll take that.
Shadow Man appears
AH, OKAY, WHAT IS THAT, HELLO, OKAY IT'S COMING TOWARDS ME, OKAY I'M GOING BACKWARDS, HEEEY!!!!! CLOSE IT! CLOSE IT! CLOSE IT! CLOSE IT! CLOSE IT! CLOSE IT! CLOSE IT! WHAT WAS A POINT OF THAT? Do I need to be aware of that lightbobe, I should have know that lightbobe was right up there. Okay, it's bumbing. It's bumperooning. Okay. I got a hook. Do I need to put on that hook and then I become Foxy? I don't know. Cheese, what was the point of that? WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT? Oh god... You creepy bustard! Okay, goodbye! Ugh. Okay, so what is that? I don't know wha are these things are. That was just disturbing. Okay. It's to dark, okay. Wait, do I need to do anything with-
Clicked on "Wake up" writing
"Oh I'm trying to." Ha ha ha ha... So, I need to do something with that horsey-hoo. Oh, wait, maybe I can use pickaxe on that broken wall. What's that? Ding-ding! The service in this hotel is terrible! I don't much appritiate it.
Breaking the wall...
Okay, that's a good sign. Alright, I love it. Oh, this is okay, got it. Hey look it's... freedom... Question mark. Did I make it?
Entered a beach with lighthouse
Ugh, hello? Oh, it's an ocean. It's a really creepy, disturbing ocean. Okay, I got a net. Am I going to catch some fish? What's going on here? Okay, so that's a hole on the wall. There's some wierd ass coast. What the hell is going on? It's should be a lucid dreaming! If it was a lucid dreaming, I don't want to do it. Oh, hello, lady. "Creepy painting" What's creepy about it, it's a beautiful lady! I've split everywhere, who cares! Hello... Uppears go, okay. em...
Entere the top of a lighthouse with two levers
Chika-clika! Am I stealing the lighthouse and we take off like in rocket ship? Is this a begining of... Em... Is this a beggining of Bioshock? Beware the lighthouse, maybe it was beware the lighthouse? Let see what's downstairs. There must to be something here. Someelse? Sometothis? Huh? Okay, I think I need something back the other way, I got a net, so maybe the net can be used some more else. Maybe. Ugh. Why are you so dark? Hello? Hello? Maybe I need to go back to the thing. How do I need to find plushie to Cody? Maybe I can get- there must to be something that I can do with this. Can I? Hey, here we go! Yes! Okay, we got it, we got it, we got it.
Entered top room. The phone and recording tape is there.
I got it, hello? I get it! Oh, wait a minute. YOU'RE THE CALL! YOU'RE THE CALL! You're you're on recording. I get it, I have to wake up. There we go, I got a shiny gem! Oh my got, it's diamond, it's minecraft, holy hell! "It looks somehow familiar." It's look like unicorn standing on a beach, I don't know what that all about. So who was ringing me? Why do I have blue gem? What am I supposed to do with that?
Clicked on armored door
"I'm NOT going back there!" Hey, come on, stop beign such a sissy. So I assuming I need that blue gem for something else. Maybe back at the lighthouse? I will be assuming, there aren't so many places for me to go here. God... Something just happend off the screen and I... Okay... What upstairs, hello lady. So, what about this thing?
Put gem into lighthouse's flash holder
There we go! Don't know why the blue gem is able to do that. So I need to... Oh, I see... Oh, I just hold it down, okay. Anything? No? Okay, so, that did something? What did that did?
A lot of Shadow People appears
AH OKAY!!!!! HI!!! "They are blocking the way..." That's good? Okay! "I have to escape." Hello. "This isn't happening..." You're in dream, man. "I have to wake up..." "Creepy painting" OH, HI. No, I'm about to fight you!
Making the gem light the Shadow Man
No no no no, get back! Yeah, yeah, no, yeah. YEAH, I GOT YOU! BLASTED YOU TO DUST! Oh, I'll breath you things... Okay.
"And then, just like that, I woke up." Well, alright then. If I don't know that there were two more sequels, I just assume you being a douche. "The nightmare was over, but my life has changed forever. Was it all just a dream? Or were these creatures... real?" I got assume, yes. "I have to know. I just have to know the truth. I can't stop thinking about it. I have to go back." Yes. "Back to the deep sleep." Heh, THAT WAS REALLY COOL! I really enjoyed that! It has some of creepy moments for such a simple game.
Main menu
That what always surprises me in these games, that they can be so damn creepy. So either way, it was Deep Sleep, I definitely will play part two and part three, which has came out. I don't know if it last one ore there will even be The Deeperester Slepp but that what I got so far. Thank you all everybody for watching, click the annotations for more horror games that I've done. And as always, I will see you in the next video. Bye-bye!
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