"Deeper Sleep"

Deeper Sleep


Release Date August 27, 2014
Length 21:10
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Game Deeper Sleep
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Deeper Sleep is the one-off episode of Deeper Sleep played by Markiplier.


Shall we go deeper? This one is even scarier than the last one!


Full transcript
Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Deeper Sleep, the sequel of Deep Sleep and if it's not mystery I just got of playing the first one and it was actually really really awesome.
"For the best gaming experience, use headphones and turn off the lights."
I am playing with headphones! The lights are down! I'm ready to get pants scared off me by playing an interesting story. "I've always wanted to experience a lucid dream. A dream in which you are awake. A dream in which you can be anyone and do anything." So why did I dream that nightmare up? "But something went wrong and I ended up having a terrible nightmare..." Okay, I should just shut up... "Before I woke up, I encountered monsters that wanted to hurt me." I did not encountered one there. "I don't think they were a part of my dream. It felt like they came from... outside. From the depths. The nightmare didn't fade away like I thought it would. I couldn't stop thinking about it. What if it was real? I became obessed with it. I don't know why. Maybe I just wanted to prove myself wrong? So I went to a local library to see if there were any past records of dreams similar to mine..."
Game has started.
Oh, okay, I'm literally here, this is exactly where I am. Okay... "More books about human psyche." Em... Nuh nuh... Nothing... Okay, so nothing interesting here for me. So expect there's going to be a lot of very clickiest cliking and at some point I'm about to fall asleep. I know that as much. What I'm looking for, okay... Nothing interesting here, nothing here, nothing here, nothing here, nothing here... Oh, boy, it's gonna be a fun clicking on all of these little details. Nothing there. Okay, I'm moving on. Anybody? "A piece of paper..." "As long as you don't know you are dreaming, you are safe..."
Walls starts to fall into dust
OH, I'M DREAMING RIGHT NOW! OH! WHY? HOW COULD YOU! Oh, boy. That ain't good. Why- Come on! Stop doing the mumba and let me look at here! Okay, so there's nothing on the ground that I need. Nothing here I need, okay. Let's go over here. Oh, boy, a book! "A dusty old book" Em... Am I supposed to put this back? What? Oh, okay, I get it. So the whole reality is going to tear apart of here? Ah. "A book is missing here." Let me just put it back in place! Perfect! That's the door I came in yhe library! So, here we go! Batteries! Red and black. Hey, that's the painting of the horse unicorn. Hello? "A piece of paper..." "have existed since- -human race." Wow, okay then, that's interesting... Hello? Hi. "It's locked." Good. I want go through there. Oh, good, an elevator. "No power...?" Even better. E... Okay.
Two white light are glowing in the darkness
HI HI HI!!! WHAT ARE YOU?! OKAY BYE! ... HI AGAIN. I'M BACK, DID YOU MISS ME? "It's too dark to see anything..." I SEE THE SOMETHING! Maybe you too much of moron to see, but it looks like- Ah, it's a trick, ain't it? It's gonna turn the lights on and it won't really be eyes, isn't it? It scared me for no reason. Fine. Oh... Oh! Ding-ding! I like not to be in this nightmare, please. Oh, that's different. Oh, oh this is very different. God, what with the creep? What with the creepinest? "A piece of paper" Good. "I first encountered this- -the early 80's, but" "have existed since- -human race." Okay. Fine.
Entered the armored door room from the fist game.
SSS! Oh, hello! It's even better now as I know what I just saw you. Is the code (8616) still work? Dut dut nope. Okay douky then. Ha ha hah... Alright. I'm not going anywhere near you untill I absolutely need to. "It's locked from another side." So this key definetly would not work. Okay. That just be a logicaly in this dream mine. Em... that door? Nope, "wrong key..." Ah, there's another key! "Can't reach it." Really? Jump! Come on, jump! You wimpo... Okay. The handle is still stuck on that son of a bitch. Ha- HI BERT! How're you? Can I honk your nose? Can I punch you in the face? Okay... It's locked, how about that one? That won't do it. How about the other one? Nope, still won't work. Bye Bert! Have a good day... in hell.
Rings the bell once more
Okay... So I'm lost. Officionaly, starting this off, very lost. Is there any way that I could gone. But what about this one?!
Uses key to bedroom
AHA! I'm the winner. IS ANYBODY'S SLEEPING IN THERE? I yell extremely loudly... (expressive) IS ANYBODY SLEPENG??? HUH? IS ANYBODY- okay. Let's just. Calm down... "Danny." Where's Cody? "Toby." "Tommy." "Willy." "Cody." Cody! Cody! He needs his bear- em em... lost lion tiger thing... I don't have it. Okay... Cody... It's really quiet here... No no no, there was a point for me going in there, hang on, let me see is somewhere else around that I need. I gonna go! Go... Hi. Okay, hello!
Lights the room with two glows. It appears to be a deer head
Oh! It's somehow even worse! Okay, why was it glowing? Aha ha ha huh... Huh huh huh... "A piece of papre..." Em... "Lucid Dreaming." Thank you for that pennant information, that was very very helpful.
Something got up and run out of view
WHAHAHAH! ffffffuuuck... ARGH! "7446", okay. Fine! Son of a bitch! Don't do that to me again! I got a pointer. Point you out of world. Point you out of existance.... I probably do nothng... Okay, "A piece of paper", I don't know if I find all of them. "which sometimes happens during comas," Okay... I swear I hearing noises. You know what's good horror game, when it makes me paranoid enough to check around me for noises. Hello, you lovely- you don't have any commentary on thst lovely thing! Great... At least I got a code! Now I can go into a place-
Wrong way
Fuck it... So now I got a code, I can do this thing. "7446". Dadusky! Get it open! As I really want to! I know what's gonna happen! UGH! UGH! I DID THE EXACT THING! HELLO? HI! IT WOULD BE LOVELY IF THERE'S NO POWER.
Found a piece of paper
"By possessing bodies." That's a good sign. That's a good sign... That's a good sign right there. Okay, here we go again! Oh, the dor is open, huh! So I need to go even deeper, is that the point that I going deeper? Shnike nikies... Okay... Okay... Alright... Here we go. Hi! Are those eyeballs? "Old toys." "Umbrella" What he hell? Em... didn't quiet catch that, could you say it less nighmarely? Hello? What the hell was that? "A needele." What kind a needle? Kinda injecting your arm? Okay. "I frst encoundtered this phenomenon in the early 80's, but it would seem They have existed since the down of the human race." Very interesting... Why the human race specificaly? Why not the... animal places... Alright! I'm leaving now! Boy, sure nothing chases me! You gonna dick with me, ain't you? It's not to be same thing but it's gonna be similar, ain't it! AIN'T IT? Okay, close it. Can't- "The door is already open." BUT I WANT TO CLOSE IT! ... ... SHUT UP! It's my TV over there, I keep turn it off. Okay, everything's fine! Everything is awesome! Everything is cool, when yoy're part of team! Ding-dong! Okay, what I do to this? Putting needle in the tiger... Put the pointer in the door dad... Put the doongie in the... houser. Can I reach that with the pointer? Maybe.
Key fallen from pipe to vent
Found the golden key
Anything else? Anything volunteering pop out? What was that? Shut the... F up... Okay, I'm out, I'm outie, I'm out. Okay, alright. Cool, that's cool at all... But also, screw you. Hi Bert... There we go. Oh, I got that open.
Entered the forest
So what the point, I got that... needle tiger back. What did I just do? Okay. Okay. "A pile of stones." Where's my lucky piece of coal? That is some attractive looking trees. Not that way. Not the Five Night's at Freddy's way. I've seen some things... Ugh, hello? Piece of paper, I thought there would be one of them. I don't know if I find all of them. "They attack- -detached from" Okay, there's no point of even reading this until it's all sample, it won't make any sense. Oh, hello? OH, HELLO! Oh, I see. So I need to finad a way to water flow. Finding pieces of paper in the woods, thats fells familiar. So... What am I- Oh. OH! Oh... Oh... "As long as you don't know you are dreaming, you are safe... they attack when they sense a mind detached from its body, which sometimes happens during comas," Or me! Am I in coma? Okay... "Old looking fountain" (clicking everywhere) So, it's not letting me guess my way trough the code, if there's even code. Okay, I'm heading back. Time to go into that shed. Okay, hi. Oh, good, I got a... "A bag with a hole" in it. Just- oh, hi. Ah, I see... So I need tp fill the bag with the stones to weight it down to make it be 5 kilogramms. That what you're saying ain't? Ah, I'm smart! Intellegent. I'll get lost in these wood, there're multiple paths. Piece of paper, give me that. OH, I GONNA BE SO LOST! "A small mound of ground." I need a shovel or something? Geez, this game is much more evolved- OH, THAT'S ON THE THUMBNAIL OF THE THING! Is it going, oh, hi. "There was a key in the pot." Well, good for me! THERE'S ALWAYS A KEY IN THE POD! WHAT IS DOWN THERE??!!! WOW, "It seems to go deep..." How deep? Deepest? Is it the Deepest sleep? Is that forshadowing where I gonna go next? Screw you! Screw you! Okay, I got a key, it's all I need, right? Okay. So... Left... Pile of rocks. So I use a bag on the pile rocks. Oh, bag has a hole in it and I need to fin out... Needle is- Ah, okay, needle, the thread and get- Okay, I got it. I get it, I get it, I get it, I get- wow, what is that? There's some there... Ugh. Hang on, oh, I was wrong. OKAY, BYE! OKAY, BYE BYE BYE! BYE! HI BERT! BYE! Okay! Gonna get power to go on. But first Cody needs his... teddy bear...
Put plushie tiger (actually) on the bed.
... ... ... okay... Bye! I gonna find where that key goes to. "I've unlocked the door." Good. A wrench! That's useful for bashing on the head of things. Ah, I found another piece of paper. I know I missed something. "they lived- -but desperately". That's sound like me right now. Ding-ding! Ding-de-ding-ding... Do I go outside again? What I have anything else to help me. I need to find something like thread or something. It's got to be somewhere! Pipe wrench with a thing.
Opened valve with wrench
'Oh my god, "nothing happened"! "This valve is already open." But nothing happened. YAY! What did that do? Hey, I gonna bash this door down! I got a pointer... Okay. What else is going on down here? Huh? Did that do- ... Did that do some down there? Ugh. Alright, you bitch. See what you got. Come on, what you got? Come on, bring it on. I'm ready. What you got? AH! I know what I need to do. Ah-ahah. "Nothing happens..." What do you mean nothing happens? Oh, come on! So I've opened those valves. What is that do? What that do... There must be another valve somewhere. There must be another valve somewhere. I gonna go back outside, hi Bert. Can I bash you in the face, Bert? How about put a needle trough your face? I point you in the face. Okay. Got to be something else here... OKAY, WHAT IS THAT? Okay, there's something right here, I didn't go down this path. This is different than the other one. Found another piece of paper. Oookay... "Night Folk, or- -in the realm of dreams" Okay... Good message about nighmares we have there. Oh, yemh! Is that a scary crow? Ah, okay, you look comforting. I really like those tall grass we going on here. Oh, hello? Thread!! YES! YES! "An empty bag." Perfect! I don't even need a sewing machine, okay, I got it! I knew it had to be thread somewhere around here. So I can get this, put it the stones in the bag, go to the thing, put it on the thing, got out of thing, go... wake yp and then have a fun time at Chuck E. Cheese's. Or Freddy Fazbear's Oh, "a bag is 1/3 full", what you mean? What, stones weren't good enough? Really? I need dirt from that mound. Whatever. Loser! There we go. I put GROUND in the bag. Literraly the whole ground I put in the bag just to make 5 kilogramms! Hm! Okay, there we go! What awaits me? Oh, good, the last one (vent)! Or I hope is the last one.
"The wrench broke..."
It better be the last one, "I hear water flowing in the pipes". Is that means that there's electricity now? Should be the fountain dude daddy. Yeah, yeah. Yeah yeah, yeah. Oh, yes. Okay, it's a puzzle, I'm bad at these.
Quite long forward rewind
Done! Got is, got it, got it! Okay, so that's filling up. That's good, I'm standing in water. At least it's working now. Wow wow wow... I saw something. Okay, nevermind, I did not, I did not saw something. Alright, but we have success. That means we have power. That means that some probably be happy about that. Ugh. Everything in these woods gets creepier each time I walk trough them. Okay, but eiter way- HI BERT!!! OH, I LIKE WHAT YOU DONE WITH YOUR EYEBALLS! Ugh. Okay. But eiteher way, I have power now, but what happened with Cody? ... Stil creepy... Still creepy! Okay, but either way there's power so that mean I can... WELL, THAT COULD BE MORE ANIMOS! Animinonimos... What do you mean negative one?! "It doesn't syop at ground floor..." What floor am I on? Okay... Oh good! What the hell! What the hell? What the hell? Okay. This looks like the toy room. OKAY HI! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU? OKY, NO, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! OH, WHERE I GO? I'M TRAPPED, I'M TRAPPED! LET'S USE MY SCREWDRIVER! GET IN! AAAAAH! OH GOD WHAT THE HELL? OOOKAY! OOOKAY! THAT'S BAD! COME ON COME ON COME ON! OKAY, BYE! JESUS! IT IS THE LADY FROM THE RING. I been- I've watched too many horror movies. Good Lordy. That was terryfying. Okay. But either way I've got a screwdriver now. So that's cool. Let's go to negative one! I wonder what good can come out of that. Okay. So I got a screwdriver, that's cool... The first time I git a chance to die in this whole game.
Received a rope end exited from earlier looked door
Ugh. I mean maybe... Oh, oh... Okay, I got it, okay. So now I have a rope, does that men I can... ... I got a thing- Oh, hi. "A poster." A generic non-Bert poster?! Okay. Okey-dokey... So I assuming this rope means to go into the well? I would just assume. That's all I can assume. Alrighty then. Oh, god, it's totaly the Ring! It's so the Ring! Oh, it's so the Ring! Oh, it's so the Ring! "I think there will be no going back." Oh, so the Ring. Okay... Oookay! Oookay... Okay! Oookay... OKAY! OH, OH OKAY! OKAY! HI!
"To be continued..."
OH! YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME! Even if you can, I know there's another game already. AH! HOH! "A young boy wakes up from a 3 month coma. A 9 year old boy from a local orphanage, who has been in a coma since Febuary, woke up yesterday in good health. Doctors previously didn't give him much chance of ever regaining condciousness. Boy's first words after openong eyes were: "My tiger has found me!"" I did it! I did it! I didn't even know I did it, I didn't even know it worked! Cody, you're welcome! "See you at the final depth" OH, NO, I MISSED A NOTE! AGH! AGH, I miseed a note, god... Ugh, I was that close, probably I was panicing at the lady, there was probably that what I missed. Sorry about that, I really do apologise, but, hey, maybe someone else did better than I di. I was a bit of hurry. But either way, this was awesome, can't wait to play the last and possibly the final one, but either way, thank you all so much for watching, check the other scray games I've done in the playlist over there or in the description below. And as always, I will see you in the next video. Bye-bye!
(Ending annotation:) You better click before I get you...