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Deepest Sleep


Release Date August 28, 2014
Length 25:54
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Deepest Sleep is the one-off episode of Deepest Sleep played by Markiplier.


The Grand Finale of the incredible Deep Sleep Series!


Full transcript
Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, welcome to the deepest sleep, the final part in the series that I've been enjoying past... hours, because I'm playing them all in order, so I can get the best expeirence going into each one. Now I did not managed to get all notes in the last one and I do not know if that's going to bite me in the butt. I really hope it doesn't because I love the idea that I saved Cody, even I was stuck in the lucid dream. Oh, newermind. "I woke up in the middle of the night. I couldn't move or say something...and there was someone in my room."
Game starts in first person view from bed to dark room.
Oh, hi! ... "A cold night outside..." Huh? The weather, hah. "Is... someone there? Oh my god... I can't move..." That's a bad thing. Oh, it's quiet. "My bed. I can't move. He seems to be looking at me..."
Shadow man attacks. Mark accidentally pops Flash Player menu. Then ads appears.
"TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES" (suddenly red and with ads)"HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?"
GOD, DAMMIT! I DID... WHAT DID I CLICK ON?! OH... Sorry about that. Was little been distarted by something. Hi... Okay. I really hope that didn't mess up with the recording, but I think we still will be okay, because all my doing is a little bit sk-
That's a loud door
Hi! I didn't do that! I did not click on that! Oh, this game is starting off witha bang, isn't it, huh? Okay... Take my-
Two green sparkles in the darkness
Oh hi. You don't do this again, ha? You gonna be that thing? HUH? What are you? WHAT ARE YOU? Oh... good... I can see when this guy is all out with this one. It's gonna be another situation from Grey Eagle? I gonna be scared be some... Hello people. Starting to the left, alright. "A reel with no handle." Ah... "Hello Bert, I'm sure this note gets to you somehow. So you've followed this stupid Traveler, even though you knew what's gonna happen. You are at the bottom depth now, there is nothing beneath you. It is important that you avoid the Bottom Feeders. They sense motion, so don't make any sudden moves near them. Also don't go to the Dark Church. The darkness there will suffocate you. Find a ladder. It should take you back to the surface. Sincerely, Yourself." SO I'M BERT? I was a clown from a poster! What is that even mean? Okay, "A reel with no handle." I... I was not ready going into this, you just starting going on all spastic on me game. And, suddenly... Thing are happening with the reckless abandoned. I can't read this! Is that a person? What is that? I can't tell. Okay then.
A hammer has been found
"It's mouldy and stinky." I got a hammer. Gonna smash any bads in their face. Got a screwdriver... I remember that stuff. Hey, look, that's (unicorn) painting. What's that sound? The sound dinamic has changed on me. Wait a minute, there was a book in there. Ahah! "The Bottom Feeders. They live at the bottom layer of the realm of dreams, feeding upon everything that ends up there. Even the Shadow People fear them. They are blind, but can sense vibrations and movement. By staying perfectly still you should be safe."
Page is dirty of black goo
Blubeleulululbe, that's what I meant. Beacuse it was right on writing and it was saying perfectly still? So how do I know what I need to stay perfectly still?
Met gargoyle statue with gem
Okay, hi! OKAY, HI! OKAY, ARE YOU THE BOTTOM FEEDER? ... SHUT UP! PHONE, IT NOW NOT THE TIME!just gonna put that asidelement... Pretty, okay. "A gem is stuck in statue's mouth." Okay, it's a statue! God, dammit! Okay. Thank you, you idiot. Fine. How do I break the gem? Alright, I got the gem, it's not quite shiny gem from the first part... Okay. "I see no handle ore keyhole." Uh? Hello? So, the reel goes all the way over here. But it kinda looks like that might be a Dark Church's type thing, and I was told specifically not to go in there. So I gonna to be smart enough about everything in my life. I would not. Can I break-
Used hammer to vase. Received antoher gem
OH GOD, JEEZIS! I did not know that would be that like it worked. Okay. This game is messing with me. Let's go into Dark- Okay, that's a cool angle. Let's go in, oh, hi. Okay... I have two gems, does it mean I need to...
Put gems into statue's eyeholes
Ah... "It fits perfectly well in the eyehole." Ah... that's good! Yes, very good, exelent, most exelent. Let's go deeper.
Entered room, literally, filled with flies
OKAY, WHAT IS THIS? That's new. "A small hole." A gem! What the hell is that? Okay, do I need to put the gem into another small hole? Okay, I got it, I got it, I got it. Oh... this is not fun. Okay, what did I do? Agh. Agh, it's in my eyes. THE BEES! NOT THE BEES! Okay. I get it, I get it. I get it, I get it, I need to hurry up, probably, maybe, I don't know. Ugh. Oh, come on! Oh, I see. Egh. Where's another one? Where, ah, there it is. Egh! Here we go. Oh, thank you for...(handle) whatever the hell that is. Okay, oh, do I have to do all the way back? Yes, I do. Ugh! I can do it without the roaring in my ears! It'll be nice. Ugh. Okay. Okay okay okay. Well, I got it. Okay, thank you. Can I have those back now? Okay, nevermind. I don't see any screws." Saw two gems! And maybe if I get out of this dream, it would be worth that having. Okay. Chicking-chicking-chicking-zoo-dzubazeboo... "I've pulled the rope down a bit." Okay, so... That where I used to be. Huh, okay! This game... Hm... num num num... What the hell? WHY I AM IN SEWER? What the hell happened? Okay. So that's how you ant to play it, huh?
Spotted a Bottom Feeder
UGH, AH, OKAY, WAW. I AM... SO STILL! Just you're chilling? Don't mind me. I am... HI BERT! ... IS IT... I EM... ugh... Oh, he hanged! Okay! Em... Thats good... "Sidereal Plexus Corp." "Sewer Gate Lock System" "Door; Bars; Reel; Noose" WHAT?! Noose! Noose is part of this lock system?! So someone must be on noose to be able to do the thing? Okay... So, if you go up the noose, the bars will go up, right? I think... So, em... You gust to go man. You gust to go! Sorry, wow, okay.
Picked up a stool.
Find another one, oh, I see. I got to put him... Oh, okay. Ah! Okay, I think I get it, okay, okay. So I got to get him up without a wall that rope his down... But that doesn't makes any sense, how do I'll be able to go back here? "Bars won't move." So I got to be able to find a way to be able to get him here. But without the way... Okay, okay, I think I get it. So if I out this stool there. Ah! There we go! Got it, got it, got it, I got it. Okay. Alright. Okay, I got it. I thought I need to put stool by like... under the guy, yo be able to do that. But apparently that was wrong, okay. Slide down over there, grab that, no? Okay, so that stays there. So now... he weill still be there, apparently. Okay, here we go! Ugh, this fun, hi. What are you?! Okay, that's just hole in the wall... No, not that I wanted. I wanted to do address the giant hole in the wall. But apparently he is not very talkative.
Bottom Feeder appears
HI, GIANT BUTTHOLE! OKAY! DON'T MOVE A MUSCLE! OKAY... That is a giant butthole. And to be perfectly honest, I would say, remins me that thing from penumbra. DONK! What do I do about that? Okay. Don't mind me, I just gonna- Oh, you back off there, sunny jam, I just gonna reach for my hammer... Wow. Okay. Okay, I get it, I get it. Oh god, ohgodohgodohgodohgod. OH, COME ON! Okay... He's gonna be a bit more cautious. Maybe if I sing him a lullyaby... Maybe if I sing hime a pretty little lullyaby. Okay. Hold the all the way down, and now we do again. Come on, come on, come on, come on! Yes! Okay, alrighty then! Maybe if I close the- here we go! Close the drape on that. Wanna be a litlle spesificated in here. Got a little more elegant. ... That is a lovely "H"! Em... Or a lovely... em.. "F". Or a japaneese symbol for "F" maybe, because I don't know what it means. Maybe it's a maze pattern written down. Okay, so I have assumption that I am stupid, and I'm an idiot. Upper drawer's empty, bootm drawer's empty, cabinet is empty. I couldn't excpecting anything better. I'll just be on my way. Music box, good. Greats, good, good, good. Good, good, good. No water. No reflection. I'll be ugly enough it will break anyway. Okay, wait, is there something on the toilet? Is that how it'd be? Smash it? Nope, okay, bye! Damn it, what am I supposed to do?! Ah, here we go, okay, there was a golden key in the sink, how do I supposed to know that? Okay, so... Here we go, that was simple! Oh, blood on the wall, is that a good sign? Okay, moving on! Hello, giant thing. Hello, other giant thing... "square slot"... Okay, it's another mystery. That's another mystery, that I need to solve as soon as possible. Hello, mushroom. "A fat, oily mushroom." Can I-
Smashed the mushroom with hammer
OH! OKAY! I JUST EXPLODED THE MUSHROOM, DID NOT MEAN TO DO THAT... But I guess I can have some oil now? Which is useful... I think... Okay, library, again. "An empty grease can." Oh! Grease, yes, absolutely I can get grease. Oh, this puzzle seems to be very simple. "A filled can with oil." You got to admit, the puzzles have been more straight forward in this game. Wait aminute, there's something there. I see something! Ng... Okay, moving on. What else we got, what else we got, what else do we got... Hello? What's that? "A wind-up key." For the music box, I'm guessing. "A stone tablet. Can't reach it." So, I got to find some way to get to that area. But there's still more to go, hello? "So much rust... It's stuck." Could use some oil. Hello, okay, down we go, into the hatch.
Bottom feeder appears
Was moving fast and was killed
Oh, I have been devoured! Oh... Didn't know that was there... Thank you! Okay, yeah, okay, hello, giant butthole. How're you? Very nothing in here, you don't need to worry about nothing. I just gonna... go back... I see how it is. So, you're there... There's got to be something that I need to get... But what? So I need that stone tablet to be able to do a thing... There is something on that wall, I can see it right in front of me. You can't tell me I don't. Fine, whatever, let's just move on. Okay, what else do we have here? A pipe with holes in the walls, we have nothing. We have a place for stone tablets to go. What would be nice. "Something's blocking it..." Wind-up key for the music box! Okay, wind-up key for the music box.
Turned on the music box. Walls are turned to dust and bathroom turned to corridor of spiky pistons
OKAY, THAT'S NOT GOOD! OH, THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANTED! WHY DO I DO THAT? WHY DO I DO THAT? WHAT WAS THE POINT? WHO'S THE BENEFIT? WHO'S THE POSSIBLE BENEFIT? NOW THAT THING ARE GOING TO EXPLODE ME OVER THERE! Oh, good... OH, GOOD... Okay, I guess I got to timing. Go now! Okay... "That would be very painful..." Okay! My stupid desision was to run straight to it, okay. Ah! No, okay, I can't go in. Alright then. That's good to know! Hahahahahah... Oh, It changed everything... Oh, good...
Entered the room with skeleton
'OH, GOOD, WHAT THE HELL? DON'T TELL- Oh, hi. Did you lose you bed? What the hell is happening here? Hi. Stone tablet, good.
Shadow man appears and disappears
HI, THERE! KEY... GOOD. HOW MANY TIMES I SAID "GOOD" AND "OKAY"? GETTING LITTLE SICK OF IT. Don't to hear it. Okay... It is that the damn paper again, I know what that is! I've already wrote it down over there. With my expert artism skills. What's that sound? That was in the other room before, but now it's in this room. I don't know. Oh, that what it was! That the whole time! Oh my god, it was the pistons of the nightmare machine over there. Okay, so, everyone's go to shit... I assuming that over here got a similar fate, maybe. What do I get? I got another stone tablet, but what good does it do to me? "A hatch. Can't reach that..." Okay... Alright, then. So I'm assuming that's the way out, I gonna find the ladder to get out of there. Because that blew up. I've already greased it up. So there must be something else that I can do- Oh, hello. "Seems like a lid of some sort." Yeah, okay. Wait, no. Why can I see that now but not before?
Used screwdriver on wall
There we go! "Gears are spinning fast..." Throw a hammer in it! No? Throw a screwdriver in it! Okay, that did it. Okay, "Stuck for good." Forever and for good. So that means that I... can do something... Oh, I can go through the... pisting machine of nightmares of stupedness of killing your stabbydun. Yes. Oh, that- That seems save- Okay! Okay, okay. I better go! I better go now, go now, okay, GO NOW! ONE MORE! Oh, cheese, you just stood there like a moron. Ugh... Okay. So where am I now? The meat hooks means that I'm going to the kitchen, for someone's fun. "A cinnamon toast." Is that for CinnamonToastKen? "A suspicious-looking dried herb." "A bit old, but still crunchy." Alright, then. I got the stone tablet! That's good. "Smells bad from there." So, that's the way back. Anything else I should know about? "Lost in the darkness, like me. I wonder how it did end up in here." Ha hah! "Hello, my toasty friend. Still here? Of course you are still here. Not much more to say about it." Ahh, I gotcha. I gotcha... That's cool. "Smells bad from there." How about hammer? No? Okay. "There's some stinky liquid inside." "A stove. Seems to be broken." Can I hit anything? God, I really want to hit stuff with this hammer, but you really not letting me! I wanna smash everything! Fine, okay. Can I hit him with the hammer? Toasty with the hammer? Okay, fine. I'll on my way then. Alright. Okay... Okay. So... Is there anything else that I should do, besides just go back? Em...
Pistons are still twitching
UGH!!! Okay, alright, I get it, I get it, I get it, not supposed to be here, I get it! Whoever you... Scriptwalder, the guy who made this game, he has done a damn good job... Wait, i am supposed to- OH! I'm supposed to make a pattern! Okay, I got it, okay. So theese go... I need to change them up. So that goes to the bottom right... Then the staright line goes to the top left... Squares go to bottom left and em... Whatever last one goes to other place. If you guys can't figure that out, you need to go back to pre-scool. What am I supposed to do about you, can I throw "cinnamon toast" toast to you? Without the please of Butthole gods. But... hole god... person... but all the men... HE'S THE BUTTHOLE! Oh! I see, there's another way to go around this. Ah! Ah. Ah... "A pile of plates." you say? So if I smash to ruin these plates... CAN I SMASH IT?
Throws a hammer. Bottom Feeder moved
YES! AH, I DID IT! Ah, get it, ah, I'm out of here, baby! OH, YES! HA HA! Another place that I'm not going to go back down, but I DID IT! I did it! I did it. A got you good, so thta's go there an I'm good. Scrootchy to dooby... Screwtchy da booty... I might a bit of hurry, so this needs-
Bottob Feeder appears. Ladder is still not low enough
OKAY, THAT'S A BUTT! "JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE"! OKAY! OKAY! OKAY! OKAY! COME ON! COME ON! GO! OH... OH... Oh, this looks familiar... Ah... Ah... So it's the other side of the place. Oh, hi!
Shadow man appears in mirror.
Dramatic cutscene. Markiplier's mouth is bigger than in Munch's painting
"Now I remember. They've got me. All this time I've been..." OKAY. ALRIGHT. " of them." !!! WHAT? NO! I'm still playing, so this is not the end of it. "I'm a monster. One of them." No, I don't believe it! I saw- hi. What the hell is that? What? Excuse me? Who's looking? ! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! THAT WAS THE GUY- THAT WAS ME! IN THE FIRST PART, I WAS THE MONSTER! OH MY GOD! OOOH! OH... OOOH! Oh my god. "There he was. A Traveler, just like me before. The moment he saw me, he started running. My ticket out of here. My chance to finally wake up." OH mY GOD! "I just had to catch him to possess his sleeping body. A body that I could wake up in." OH! "But did I really want to? Have I really became a monster so easily? A monster I feared so much?" OH! "It was so easy. Almost too easy. I took his body wasy, leaving him in this chaotic world. I will make wake up now. And the chaos of this place will follow up to the surface." OH! Oh, I did a bad thing! Oooh my god! OH! MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH, HOLY CRAP! This like... blow my mind into pieces all over the walls. Holy crap! That was awesome! Oh my god, I want to do it again, I want to do the other one, want to do the other one. I will do it. Oh, I want to do it, come on. Ah, yes, thank you, scriptwelder, for all you do the great game! That was beautiful. I want to do the- I will not get him.
Restart from mirrir scene
Okay, I'm continuing the game. I hope that it puts me some place realatively close to where I was... Otherwise I will be forced to go the whole game again. But I will do it, because I want to- Oh my goodness it is here! Okay, so I have the option now. Arr, I'm coming to get ya... Gr... I'm a manstir... er... rar... er... rar... he he. rar... "I just had to catch him to possess his sleeping body. A body that I could wake up in." Ehun, I gonna to getcha... woo... I gonna getch ya... Okay, I'll let him go. I'll let him go. I will let him go and I will see what happens. Come on, get out of here! Get out of here. What if that guy is me? What if that guy is literally me? What if that not the other traveller, just literally me? "I hesitated... and I let that man go. This vicious cycle cannot continue. I will remain here forever. Here, in the deepest sleep." Oh hi! Oh! It'me- Oh, my god, they're both me- Oh, god! Ah, that's so cool! So, the anyway, that was the end of The Deepest Sleep. Scriptwelder, that was an amazing, incredible job. Oh, I love it, I love when the game has cool story and coll stuff going on. IT'S FANTASTIC! WOW, THAT WAS FANTASTIC! But either way, that was so cool. So... Thatnk you all so much for watching, give the developer all the support in the world, he made these awesome free games. If you haven't checked the description... in the description, there are all the game I have playing over the past hour, have been down here. Give him support, he is amazing, oh my god, it's Scriptwelder. That was great. Can't wait to see what you make next. I know that he made other games too. I can't even say where thay are right now, I'm so happy. That is awesome! So either way, thank you all so much for watching. My video here of the amazing Deep Sleep series. Click the annotation or link for more videos that I've done. And thank you all again for watching. And as always, I will see you, in the next video. Bye-bye!
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