"Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around"



Release Date November 19, 2013
Length 8:18
Outro music Crazy La Paint
Link Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around
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Game Don't Make Me Turn this Car Around
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Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around is the one-off episode of Don't Make Me Turn this Car Around played by Markiplier.


Seriously kids... I'm gonna drive this car into a ditch if you don't shut up...


Full transcript
Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Don't Make Me turn this car around you little bastard. This is a game where you play as a disgruntle parent who drives his kids home and they keep bothering you on the way. This was made during the walking dead game jam by the way. So lets get to it. I've tested it out a little bit and BOY does it…Not Suck, it is Awesome. The gameplay is actually kind've fun I've haven't gotten very far.
Kids start acting up.
Mathieu pinches his brother, HEY settle dow I'm trying to get you home so PLEASE, PLEASE I'm begging ya, please be nice to me.