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The following lists livestreams Markiplier has done for various charities.

Date Donated Raised Livestream Lenght Games Guests
February 20, 2016 Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance $276,000 (combined with the September 4, 2015 livestream) 8+ hours Kerbal Space Program Alone
September 4th, 2015 Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance $276,000 (combined with the February 20, 2016 livestream) Super Mario World Alone
Before June 26, 2015 Doctors Without Borders $1,000 No stream Dirty Bomb Wade, Bob
May 23, 2015 Make-A-Wish America $80,000 7+ hours Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Wade, Tyler
Apr 26, 2015 St. Jude Children's Research Hospital $70,450 5+ hours Super Mario World, Team Fortress 2 Alone
Feb 21, 2015 Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance $76,141 3+ hours Super Mario World Alone
December 19, 2014 Malaria No More (+ Cincinnati Children's Hospital) $25,000 (+ $25,000) No Stream Best Fiends PewDiePie, CinnamonToastKen, UberHaxorNova, Kootra
After 10 December, 2014 Cincinnati Children's Hospital $10,000 No Stream
22 February, 2014 Child's Play
23 November, 2013 Extra Life
26 October, 2013 Extra Life (Cincinnati Children's Hospital) Amnesia: The Dark Descent
24 August, 2013 Cincinnati Children's Hospital $13,668
28 June, 2013 Child's Play 6+ hours Minecraft, Broforce, Happy Wheels, Surgeon Simulator 2013 Wade
14 July, 2013 Charity Water $446,462 (PewDiePie's stream) PewDiePie
April, 2013 Alzheimer's Research $17,083 Wade, Bob
9 February, 2013 Cancer Research Institute $8,047
5 January, 2013 United Network for Organ Sharing $6,132.93 Tyler
18 July, 2012 Child's Play 24+ hours
28 October, 2012 Living Beyond Breast Cancer 12+ hours Minecraft Wade, Bob
7 October, 2012 Living Beyond Breast Cancer $3720.19 Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Paranormal, Slender: The Eight Pages Alone
27 September, 2012 12+ hours SCP-087-B

Total Charity Raised: $628,670.14

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