"Markiplier's Photobooth Fun #2"
Release Date December 30, 2014
Length 4:53
Link Markiplier's Photobooth Fun #2
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Episode 2
Game Photo Booth
Series Live Action
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Markiplier's Photobooth Fun #2 is the 2nd episode of Photo Booth played by Markiplier.


Markiplier is back with more Photobooth... still funny :P


Full transcript
[mad laughing] Hi again!

[squirming tongue] Elele...lele. I can touch my nose! [grunts] [laughs]

I have a story to tell you. There once was a little boy, who cried wolf. Bwaoou!

[cackles] [smacks lips] Ohohohoho!

♪{Hi-ho! Hi-ho! It's off to work we go! Tada-do-dato-da-do-dadu-dato}♪

I knew the president one day, I'll let you know. Not anymore though, he doesn't like me much.

I'll have you know that I also know the president, and I know him CURRENTLY and not 'one day' as you say, if that day ever was what that day was and you're not a fraaaaauuud.... My name? Ah, BigTooth McGee. [giggle]

Ooooh, hey, Mister Buldo! Aaahh, it's so good to see you! I haven't seen your family in yeeeeeears.

(quiet) Hey lil mama, lemme whisper in your ear... [kiss]

God, it's moving! Eugh- Oooooooaaaaagh!

I have an idea! Ding! Oh-oh. [laughs] Something went horribly wrong with my idea. [screams] OOOGH! [crazy laughing]

Well, i-if you take the square root of 723, and you divide that by 45, you'll get how many dates I have been on! ..Yeah, the answer is really low...

I think you're the most adorable! I think you're the cutest! Yes, you are! NO, YOU'RE NOT! Well, maybe you are. Ah, what do I know?

(muffled) I got stung by a bee.

♪{Tolilalutodilalualilalutalilalutarilaludah}♪ NOOOOOOO! [gurgles]

[laughs] This is- [laughs even more]

I don't much care for injustice in this world.

(he lipsyncs to Rodney the Frag Grenade) ♪{My best friend is a frag grenade. His name is Rodney and HE IS GREAT! GO!}♪

[screams in anguish] Oooh- [screams more] Oaaaahh!

I love this sick beat! It really gets my body moving! Oh, yeah bro, drop the beat! (MarkiplierGAME REMIX tries to play) [screams] Wait, why'd the music stop?

Well, my momma said I'm handsome but that doesn't really matter to me, (phrase missing).

[squirms tongue] [mad laughs]

Edwiiin! I didn't want to win the battle for you! Edwin! Edwiiiiin! Edwin?


What, you makin' fun of my tiny mouth? Huh? You got a problem with tiny mouth people? (phrase missing)

It's me, Burgel Flangel Cinna-Butters. Now, shall we begin?

What, are you making fun of my tiny head now?

Bilbo, it's the Dragon Sickness, I tell ya. I've seen it before, it consumed his grandfather. It'll consume him too. Hahaha, I'm a dwarf.

Hey, the floof is back! Everyone is going to be so happy! Oh, wait...


♪{Oh, you touch my tralala. Mmm, my ding ding dong.}♪

♪{I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I u-}♪ Oh my god, this is a nightmare. GOD, DAMN! AAAAAH!

Deaaaurghh! [gurgle] Well hello, dear. Aahahahahahaha! You thought I was gone?! AAAAAAAAAHRAAH--


  • The returning effects in this video are: Twirl, Stretch, and Mirror. The new ones are Kaleidoscope, Squeeze, Light tunnel and Twirl (moving).
  • Mark sings "Rodney the Frag Grenade" by Cyndago, and "White Christmas" by Irving Berlin.
  • Mark's bit as a dwarf warning Bilbo comes from The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. At one point in the film, Balin, a dwarf, warns Bilbo of the affliction known as Dragon Sickness.