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Markiplier FAM (Friends Always Matter), formerly called markiplierSINGSbadly, is a YouTube channel (created on Sept. 24, 2013 by James), and later community created by a fan of Markiplier and is full of original musical content. It is "the original Markiplier singing channel" and contains various originally-produced songs, clips, montages and other forms of musical content made from videos originally created by Mark. Nearly all of the audio on the channel is originally produced by the channel director, who has mentioned that he has a day-job in the music industry.

The channel was created after Mark, in his playthrough of The Crooked Man, joked that he needed to create a special channel for his singing and someone actually took this seriously. markiplierSINGSbadly is notable for leaving comments in probably every one of Mark's video and usually receives a lot of likes to be easily viewed at the top of the comments section.

While often confused as Mark himself, this fan channel became more famous after Mark watched and referred to their 4, 5 and 6 million subscribers tribute songs. The goals for the channel is to create uplifting and funny content for Mark's fans through music, facilitate two-way interaction between fans and Mark, and to raise funds for charity.

Sings badly

James is a very busy man, working two shifts a day and trying to create content.

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