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Markiplier Animated is an animated series primarily produced by Lixian and hosted on Markiplier's channel

(previously hosted on LixianTV). The episodes consist of audio clips from various Markiplier videos with Lixian's animations masking the audio. Usually the funniest parts of the video are included, and the animations are riddled with visual gags and over dramatic scenes to partner them.

There are currently 40 episodes in the series, the first one being "Markiplier Animated - Psycosis" and uploaded on the LixianTV channel. Afterwards Markiplier reuploaded the Psycosis video onto his channel - however, he did not upload "Markiplier Animated - Wilfred Warfstache".

Lixian has contributed most of the episodes in the series, however there have been other fan made animations that have been put in the series.

Other Fanimations (Not in playlist)