"Most BROKEN Game Ever Made"



Release Date September 10, 2014
Length 18:43
Outro music Crazy La Paint
Link Most BROKEN Game Ever Made
One-Off Guide
Game Air Control
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"Motorcycles! Explosions! RAINING CARS!!"
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Most BROKEN Game Ever Made is the one-off episode of Air Control played by Markiplier.


A simple search for funny glitches turns into a test of endurance and sanity...


Full transcript
Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Air Control reportedly one of the most broken games ever made. Now, alot of the Internet has been debating whether it was done intentionally to be a terrible game or if it was some attempt to make a great game, but I don't really care because broken games broken games can make me laugh and if this game can make me laugh, than it was definitely worth the six dollars I paid for it on Steam. But I must admit, the fact that there's a plane underwater at the entry screan in an aircraft simulator is probably not a good sign for this game.
(Ending annotation:) the fish are the only winners here...


  • This phrase "Cola and Meal Please, No Bread" became a popular Markiplier meme.