Mr. Kitty Saves The World
Console PC
Publisher James Earl Cox III
Genre Haunted CD
Episodes 1
Playlist Scary Games!
Run July 23, 2013
Status Complete
Markiplier Game Guide
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Mr. Kitty Saves The World is a game played by Markiplier.



Harvey Johnson joined the crew at and was to prove his talent by participating in the GameBoyJam. About halfway through the jam, he decided to take a break from games and do some urban exploration of an abandoned facility a few hours away from his apartment.

Harvey found a CD and a note addressed to him in one of the abandoned buildings. He later tweeted a picture of it at his friend James, accusing him of planting it as a joke. A day later, James heard he wasn't responding to people, so he went to see if Harvey was doing alright. His apartment appeared untouched when he arrived, sans a glitched game screen and a sheet of paper saying "James upload this game." He didn't want to upload it, but couldn't shake off the whispering he heard in the dark and the feeling that he was being watched. This went on for a full day until he finally caved in and uploaded it.

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