Animator KeeperOfPork
Origin (Game) SCP - Containment Breach
Origin (Episode) "Inside SCP-860 (also... HOLY JUMPSCARES!!)"
Release date February 21, 2015
Length 1:19
Outro music The Slender Man Song
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Series Markiplier Animated
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OVERLY ATTACHED SCP is an episode of Markiplier Animated created by KeeperOfPork.


SCP Containent Breach animated HILARIOUSLY by KeeperOfPork!


Full transcript
EeeEH! Anybody there? Any Nine-Tailed Foxes? Somehow don't feel right here. I don't know if that's diabolical- what? You wanna come out and play, friend? You wanna... You wanna... be my friend? I don't have many friends, and the ones I have are kind of douches. AGH! OKAY, HI! OH, RUN! OH, CAN'T RUN! NO RUNNING! I'm dead! I'm already dead. I'M SORRY! OH, WHAT DO I DO WITH YOU? OH, YOU'RE SO PRETTY! OH, I'M SO PRETTY! I can't run. I'm dead. I'm so- ARGHAGHAGHAH GOD!! OOOOOKAAAAAY... OOOOOH KAHEHEHIHIHIHEY... OHOH. Ah... I gonna- AGH AGH! Agheh...


  • This video is titled Inside SCP-860 on the animator's channel.
  • Markiplier posted this video under name MY LITTLE SCP, but then changed to avoid My Little Pony references.
  • The animator, being a Naruto fan, added a brief Kurama cameo, when Markiplier was referencing to MTF ɛ-11 codename.
  • The shadow in the trees was actually SCP-372.

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