One Chance
One Chance
Console Browser game
Developer Dean Moynihan
Genre Flash Game
Episodes 1
Run January 29, 2015
Status Complete
Markiplier Game Guide
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Stranded Deep

One Chance is a game played by Markiplier.

Game Information

One Chance starts off simple enough with John Pilgrim, our protagonist, waking up on a Tuesday to the world praising him for his discovery in finding a cure for cancer. What follows is a simple adventure game where you can walk around, talk to people and open doors. Every day the game changes the scenario up a little bit and reinforces the message of how much time is left. In the end... the results are stark and affecting. There are multiple endings, and some reviewers ask readers to share their own personal experiences on how they chose to spend their last 6 days on Earth before the ceasing of all life.


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