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Release Date October 17, 2013
Length 13:54
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Penis Cloner is the one-off episode of Penis Cloner played by Markiplier.




Full transcript
... Why? Why did you click on this video?! Okay... Alright.. Hello Everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to... Penis Cloner... THE GAME! Now, I'm gonna start a new one and obviously a game like this needs some background story on it. "You are a penis. You go on an adventure. Level 1/10: Go to the blue circle to win." TA-DA! HAHAHAHAHA! Yep, yep, this is what you all came for. "Level 2/10: Clone yourself with the machine. Because world needs more penis." Apparently. Horray! Hehehey! WeE WON! AWESOME! I- I can- am... questining my life decisions to this point... "Level 3/10: Don't clone too many, clone just enough. Press R to restart when you fuck (read as foop) up. Because you will... fuck (read as foop) up." OH, Mark's playing a game about penises but don't say a word... fup! Grrrhmhm. Alright. Ahahah. I'm playing a game about- It's so- It's not even- It's not even penis, it's like 4 pixels! Oh my god! Ahahahah. What am I doing? What am I doing? WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? "Form patterns with penises." Okay, this is where, this where I'm in the new territory year so... BHAHAHA! "Why not?" That, that is a good question! I wanna know that! How? Why? What do I do? It's too many! Ugh... Oh, okay. AGH, THIS IS WHAT I DEVELOPED TO! "A lonely penis is a sad penis." Let's just... commit to this, we are already in it. "A sad penis is a small penis." R-Really?! Hahahahahah! Oh. The same- Okay. "Circle of life, yo." How... What... Em... I... Am... Em... Do you know? Couse I don't know. Ahahahahah, oh god! OH GOD! I DID IT ON THE FIRST TRY! I DIDN'T EVEN SEE THESE LEVELS YET! "Demand for penis is still high." THIS'S JUST IN, A NEWS REPORTER STAY, FOR WILFRORD WARFSTACHE, THIS'S JUST IN, DEMAND FOR PENIS IS STILL HIGH! NO MEN IN SIGHT. Oh god... "As men, we can't really understand that." Okay... Alrught, let's go for it men, let's go for it men. Alright men? Go for it. I'm in. O-oh. No, we have a problem here. Oh no, we're going to have too many PIN-I. EGH! OH NO! WHAT HAVE WE DO? WHAT HAVE WE- Oh... No, that's wrong. Wait, no. AGH! What have I done? Oh god! Oh, god, no! AGH, TOO MANY PENISES! TOO MANY PENISES! AAAAA!! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! AAAGH! And the world got consumed by the penises. Alright. Well... Glad thing just decided to get complicated. I have been very, very bothered. If it was not. Let's try that now. One more. Poop. Poop. Ah, crap. Ah, crap. Ah, crap! AGH, CRAP! Oh wait, I KNOW, no I do not, BUT I HINK I KNOW. Hang on, I got to do this again. I got it thou. Okay. Wait, no. Up. Here we go! Alrigh. No when that is there, I can fill out with enough of these all out. Agh, yeah! I BEAT THE PENIS PUZZLE! I'M SO HAPPY WITH MYSELF! EVEN IF I SHOULDN'T BE! "Adventure of a penis never ends. Life of a penis is full of surprises." ...okay... "Penises know how to cherish their lives." Hahahahahahah. Do, do they? Do they really? Cause that what they really do. Ahahahah. Oh, god! What have I done!


  • As there is no background music in game, Mark uses Crazy La Paint as soundtrack.

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