Release Date July 16, 2014
Length 30:11
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Episode 2
Game OFF
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RIVERS OF MEAT is the 2nd episode of OFF played by Markiplier.


I think I can safely say that it's starting to get a little weird in the world of OFF... and yet somehow I know that it'll get FAR stranger by the end!


Voice Cast
At first, Mark didn't use any special accent to vocalize characters, later he developed voice for everyone. Note, Mark often forgets to use special voice when reading. Also, in Zone 3 Mark was dumb and make Zacharie voiced as Judge.
Narration - Comments of game actions. No voice.
Markiplrrrr - Puppeteer. Mark's standard voices.
The Batter - Purifier. Heavy bass voice.
The Judge - Mentor cat. Voice of varying duration.
Elsens - Random citizens. Nervous high voice.
Dedan - Quenn's supervisor. Angry bass void.
Zacharie - Item seller. Hard cheerful voice.
Burnts - Corrupted Elsens. Soft irritated void.
Hugo - Little boy. Sad high voice.
Japhet - Firebird. Loud high voice.
Sugar - Sick girl. Happy squeaky voice.
Enoch - Vesper director. Low hoarse voice.
Boxer - Comic superhero. Slow derpy voice.
Ballman - Comic supervillain. Fast sharp voice.
Vader Elocha - Queen. Loud soft voice.
Space Apes - Galactic monkeys. Fast stuttered voice.
Full transcript
Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to OFF, this delightfully intriguing game. Now, I've just finished cleaning out the barn, and I've seem to met some sort of an... inquisition... emperor... person... Queen. That works for the Queen. I don't know but I'm beign sent back into the Smoke Mines. This game... is interesting to say the least. Ow, more lights out! Oh.
Hall is getting darker
Batter's attacked by January
Oh, hello, that's startled me. Hello, goodbye.
Sped up. 170exp, 50crdts.
Boom! Gone! I'm getting strong now! Okay, so... MY CONVICTION WILL SWORD ME THROUGH THIS- "throw me through this" was not exactly what I hoping for. I hope you guys are enjoying this game, there's lot of dialogue and a lot of story get through, but that's what VX RPG- Oh, hello!
Batter's attacked by two Fat Spectres
That's what makes these RPG horror games kinda- not horror game- that's not a horror game, no matter how strange it is. It's what make this kinda interesting here, so hopefully you guys are enjoying it. Augh!
Sped up
There we go! And I don't want people to worry, there are going- Oh, god!
Batter's attacked by Magnolias. Skipped
And I don't want people to worry, I'm not gonna skip out any really important battles. I'm definitely not gonna overlook them. So anyway, I just found a switch... I flipped it to off, why did I need to do that? Maybe to turn off the smoke, so everyone on the surface gonna... Oh. "A piece of Abaddon's meat"? Why am I finding so much meat? Hang on, I need to find... exactly what this meat does...
Checking inventory
Oh! Oh! Uuuuuh? Aaah! That's very nice, so...
Batter's attacked by January
Apparently I'm gonna shoving a lot of meat in my face and it's going to help me through this game. That's what it tries to tell me. Okay then. HEY, DON'T POKE ME THERE! THAT IS MY PRIVATE CIRCLE!
January purified
♪{Lab-da-doo-di-ba-doo}♪ Ah! Much brighter now. I hope I foun everything I need to... I don't know, maybe I've overlooked anything, but preferably not.
Met Zacharie near the exit from mines
The characters are starting to pile up, aren't they?
...You're wierd one, ain't you? Alright.
What I'm saying is that avarage player doesn't need all these complicated and tedious dialogues. There should be more action and fewer questions.
Who are you?
I'm Zacharie, the traditional items merchant that's necessary in every video game. I'll always find myself in places you're going to visit before you arrive. But enough blether. I'm not one of these protagonists you need to listen to for hours. So, lemme see the color of your credits.
Okay. Em... Oh, more meat. Oh my god, there're so many things. I've already have that. I've already have that for that guy. What's the Aura of Justice? Oh, this looks important! Nicolas Tunic... Uh? Oh, I need these... Yes. Nononono, go back. There we go- no. No, buy! Yep, there we go! Yes, alright! Now I can make myself a little bit better! Because I looked for this before and if I go here... Aura of Justice. Nicolas Tunic. Yay! I got stuff! I got things and stuff. Cool, I would be better in combat! I hope that noone is expecting me to fail spectacularly because I aimed to succeed.
What... How... Where did you come from?
From the smoke mines.
But... How... What? But... but that's impossible... Not a single lamp works there, you... you can't have...
Faith guides my steps.
F-... Faith?
My mission is to purify the mines. But it seems that the phantoms here are particularly numerous.
Oh, woops.
The... The spectres...
Where am I?
Uh... uh...
Third presentation starts.
Oh, more history, good... Ah, VoIP (?) phone lines. "You're at the plastic administrations of Shachihata, the northen part of zone 1." Wow, alright then. What is any of that mean? "Our work consists of filling in forms. Afterwards, we warp them up with string and send them to courier service." H... Okay. Does- Does anybody get what's going on here? "There, they ship the packages, and in return we receive parcels full of plastic." I hopu you guys are filling to the other people just as lost as I am in the comments below, because... I don't know. "There is a lot of liquid plastic that forms lakes and oceans." What? "There is also solid plastic, used to make various objects." What? Are you saying that it's the first of four elements? Is that's what you're going to say? Oh, you son of a bitch, how did I know you gonna say that! This is important element you know... plastic! Plastic, smoke, metal, all important! "Because without plastic, the world would have boundaries. People would walk and walk without ever stopping." You mean me?
But... but... You hunt spectres? Really?
Yes. I'm purifying this zone.
The... The spectres, I know where they come from... They all come from the postal service.
The postal service?
That's where we send out the packaged forms. The problem is that... uh... nobody can remember which floor it's found on.
... That doesn't make any sense, I'm going! I'm taking a lift.
Building has 99999 floors.
Wow... Okay, how about nooo...
Enters randomly 59011th floor
I'm never get there. Woo, various offices. Are you kidding me? I'm gonna be here forever and ever and ever and ever, trying every single one of these randomized douches. Ooo, I'm better go down to the basement. Oh, GET OUTTA MY WAY! Get out of my way before I purify you! Eew. I'm gonna go to the ground floor. Ah, good, reception! Well, I might be here forever. EEENNNGH!
Talks to everyone in fast-motion
I'm probably don't need to talk to everyone of them trying to find which one is actually the one with information. Probably not, bye! Oh, good, I'm outside, who cares with the postal services! Jeys... Can't go that way. Can go this way. Does anyone wants some Abaddon's Meat? I've got a lot of meat, filling in my pockets! Oh, hello. "The Queen's general has an office here... But his true house is in Alma." Well then... Uh...
Takes the train to Elsen
Where was I before? I've already been in Damien, have I been in Elsen? Have I cleared the smoke mines!? I don't even know if I did that! Oh, this is not where I want to be. Ah, it is the beginning, I don't need to be here, I need to go back. Hyop. What about... Pentel! Is that where the farm where- was? Probably. Ah, good, yes! Where the hell am I now, what are you doing to those? Oh, god... Ugh! "As soon as we extract everything from the corpse, we'll slice it up into pieces and eat the meat." Well, I guess that's what we normally do, but... Agh, eew, gross! "Extracting the metal boulders from the cows isn't what I prefer. But if I do my job well, maybe I'll get tranferred toAlma..." Maybe you've been lied to.
It's half of a cow.
Good... Oh, squishy, goodness! Oh, delightful, thank you so much... So, what I need to do, is I need to find the Post Office. But to do that I need to find which floor i's actually on. Which could be a problem, considering I don't know where the hell I'm going in life. Yeah, I've got another abil- Oh, hi... ARE YOU GOING TO TELL ME WHERE THE POST OFFICE IS? YOU'RE BETTER SPELL THE BEANS! WHERE IS THE OTHER SMOKE'S GOING? WHERE'S THE OTHER SMOKE GOING? (fast: Do it as I talk to you!) Hurray, I di-id it! I still don't know what that switch did, but I found another ghosty-goo. O-oh. Wait a minute, I know what I'm doing here... I did no-oooh! Man, these guys die quick these days, I guess that's good. Unless I'll be to be here forever. TWOOOO LUCK TICKETS! I'VE FOUND TWOOOO LUCK TICKETS! I must be the luckiest son of a bit- Ooooh. Wooh, one hit! One hit KO I'm the beeest. Let's try the rooftop. I haven't been to the roof yet. It's obviously the place I need to go. Hello! Hi, my friend.
Zounds! You again? You are decidely everywhere. One could believe that you are following me. Nonetheless, your steps have not deceived you, for you are here, in a lieu that can certainly use sacred blows from your holy bat. Perhaps you are already aware of this, but it appears that the storey housing the postal service is overrun by ectoplasm. It would probably be wise to find the storey with the intangible creatures post-haste in order to dispatch them. But could it be that the task is too difficult for your narrow mind? In that case, I may be able to provide you with some advice...
Some help would be welcome.
Open widely your ears and listen, for I will not repeat this twice, not even in the midst of the most pathetic supplication. In one of the four rooms on the ground floor, all the employees seem to be trained to a particular set of instructions. Additionally, if there was a choice to be made, I would prefer the lower-case over the upper-case. That is all.
Well then... Aren't you just the Sassy slinging Sue? Well, you take your pussy-woosy cat advice and get outta here. Okay, so the lowwer-case is obviously meaning... Oh, hello. The lower-case obviously means the stamps as opposed to the forms. So I need to be looking at the stamps. Come on, give me a stamps! Oh, hello... Ah! Aaah, 10 2 5 8, huh! Let me just double-check. Ah, 10 2 5 8. Here we go!
WIP from 10:00

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