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The Shy Guy
Enemy Type
Supernatural Monster
SCP: Containment Breach

SCP- 096 is a creature from the SCP Foundation and the horror game SCP: Containment Breach-096. It is usually very docile in containment, but if any one were to merely catch a glimpse of his face, he will hunt its viewer down no matter what the cost. No object, living, inanimate, or artificial will stop him from catching its target.


096 is a 2.38 meter tall disturbingly slender, humanoid that lacks pigment and has white, pupiless eyes with a jaw four times bigger than an average human's. As with most SCPs, he only appears in SCP: Containment Breach.


Like most SCPs, Markiplier strongly dislikes 096 because of his high hostility and horrific appearance. In the beginning of the small indie horror game known as SCP Containment Breach, 096 was barely a bother since he only appeared in one room, and he was simply sitting down so the only possible way to upset him is on purpose. That was until the game was updated, where he appeared causally strolling around a large room where you will instantly get locked in when you enter. So the player must find and press three unlock buttons while staring away from 096 without bumping into him as he goes out of his way to bump into you, where Markiplier dies literally everytime he enters. 096 quickly became Markiplier's most hated SCPs, next to the unkillable annoyance known as Radical larry/SCP-106.

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