The Brute
The Moose Man
Enemy Type
Mutant Zombie
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Servant Brute dubbed The Moose Man by Markiplier is an enemy from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It seems to be a hexed zombie with a split head, a metal tunic, and a large cleaver-like blade in place of a left forearm.

In-game, it is referred to as the Brute, fittingly so because it is considered the toughest enemy, being able to outrun Daniel (the player) and kill him with a single swipe of its blade. Mark calls it 'The Moose Man' because of the moose-like groans it produces.

Mid-way through the game, Mark attempted to kill or wound a Moose Man by throwing a huge sledgehammer at it, however, due to an in-game glitch, the hammer clips straight through the Moose Man without hurting it, resulting in Mark's first death in the game.


The Moose Man has grayish-green blistered skin with a twisted, deformed head (similar in appearance to grey, chopped lettuce) with a single eye and several teeth inside the split. Aforementioned, it wears a metallic, legless tunic and has various metallic bars holding its so-called body together. Its most distinctive feature is the large straight blade replacing its dismembered left forearm. The Moose Man uses this blade as its primary weapon, wielding it with deadly force, as it is able to kill Daniel with a single swing. Its first and most prominent appearance was in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but has also appeared in several Amnesia custom stories.