"Super Squat Simulator"



Release Date July 30, 2013
Introduction Special
Length 2:24
Ending No
Outro music No
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Game Super Squat Simulator
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Super Squat Simulator is the one-off episode of Super Squat Simulator played by Markiplier.




Full transcript
(Very thick, bass accent) Hello everybody. My name is Ludwig van BAWLIN-Crusher, and welcome to Let's Play: THE WORST WORKOUT OF YOUR LIFE. Okay. Now, you want to make your country proud, yes? Yes. So get down on the floor, stand up from your desk, get on floor, AND BEGIN TO SQUATS! HMM! Yes, you feel burned yo? Yes. Back in my home country we did squats for days on end! NEVER ENDING to get mine muscles to make home country proud! Maybe someday go Olympics, then win medals for country to buy potatoes. Sorry for spitting so much. Does my spit bother you? It's like a cloud of mist in front of my eyes. Keep to squats! Do not do squats stopping til you die! Or I CRUSH your balls! Like little walnuts. Don't you want to crush coconuts between your legs? Who doesn't? This is not workout just for men. It is for women as well! I'm sorry, does my spit bother you? Well, no problem! You keep to squattin' until you die. And then you get buns of steel to make good potatoes in field. Work for home country and then be great for Mother RUSSIA! IT'S GOOD TO BE GREAT! AH, HAI, I'm Scottish now! AH, you'll never gonna get in til you get this squats you gonna do. How you gonna be home country proud if you're not Scot-Russian-Latvian? Try to scrape together squats for potatoes UNTIL YOU MAKE YOUR COUNTRY PROUD! RAAAAAAAAAH!
Game continues for 35 more seconds, and then the video ends.



  • Mark's alter ego's name is similar to "Ludwig van Bone-Crusher," which is the name of the sixth episode of the TV series Time Squad.
  • Mark later played The Worst Workout of Your Life, a fangame based on this episode.