Release Date September 4, 2013
Length 16:46
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Episode 1
Game Outlast
Series Outlast
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THE TERROR BEGINS is the 1st episode of Outlast played by Markiplier.


This might just be the one of the scariest games I've ever played.


Full Transcript
Red: Markiplier
Green: The Variants
Purple: Chris Walker
Gold: Martin Archimbaud
White: Other Characters
Hello Everybody my name is Markiplier and welcome to Let's Play; Outlast. Now I've been waiting for this game for along time and I'm sure many of you have as well. It's one of the big upcoming horror titles so it's gonna be a longer Let's Play so get settled in for a nice enjoyable ride. I know that says continue but I only clicked on the New Game button once. I have not played played this at all, I've actually intentionally avoided any sort've gameplay or trailer about this game.
Warning/Backstory Menu pops up.
Outlast contains intense violence, gore, graphic sexual content, and strong language. Please Enjoy, I think I will! You are Miles Upshur, an invenstigative reporter whose ambition is about to earn him an intimate tour of hell on earth. Always willing to dig into the stories no ther journalist would dare investigate, you will seak out the dark secret of Mount Massive Asylum. Stay Alive as long as you can , record everything. You are not a fighter; to navigate the horrors of Mount Massive and expose the truth, your only choices are to run, hide, or die. I think I'll go with the run and hide options becasue I tried the die option in many other horror games I've played, it never seems to turn out that well. Mount Massive Asylum.
Radio turns on.
Department of Agriculture Commissionar Salzar said changing weather patterns were to blame for livestock behavior and encouraged ranchers and breeders to attend this weekends seminar on Beula Avenue in Pueblo. And if you're out late tonight you might see some low-flying helicopters near Silverthorn and Leadville. Seems that Arapaho Park services will be spraying for an infestation of elder bugs.
(listening to the radio) Say what?…Ok…Low-Flying Helicopters. I can barely hear that it's…radio's kind've dulled out from everything else. Box Elder and op! and there the radio goes.
Radio cuts to static.
Ok, Mount Massive Asylum, id that where the CRAZED BUTT STABBER escaped from. I'd like to think so in fact, I might encounter a few crazed butt stabbers. I really have been very, very, very intrested in playing this game because this game is made by a bunch of industry professionals that banded out from Triple A Game Studions, they banded together because they wanted to create a horror experience unlike any other and um...and along the same game as other horror games you don't hvae the option to fight and woah hello.
Picks up a folder
They're glowing. (reading note) Seventeenth of September from 2013, You don't know me, have to make this quick. They might be monitoring. I did two weeks of software consult at MURKOFF Psychiatric Systems' facilities in Mount Massive. All sorts of NDA's I am very much breaking through right now but seriously, FUCK those guys! Terrible things are happening there. Don't understand it. Don't believe half the things I saw. Doctors keep talking about some dream therapy going too deep, finding something that had been waiting for them in the mountain. people are being hurt and Murkoff is making money. This needs to be exposed. If you say so Bro-Ham. I'm not entirely sure what's going on but anyway the graphics of this game are obviously going to be WAY better than any of the indie games I've played. Oh I am playing through a camera, hello. Miles Upshur. My nice press pass, my night vision mode, that's pretty cool. So i got a couple've tools at my disposal. Especially for recording. Anyway, the graphics are gonna be very, very, very, good because this is as good indie games get in terms of development cycles.
Front Gate door closes
Who let me in? Did I just waltz right in? Who closed that gate? Questions, Questions, Questions. Ok so I can lean to the right and the left. (Looking at office board) Let's see is that Tinkiw Winkie? Is it the Slendytubbies? No, it can't be. Alright so I don't know what the interact button um...Press the Left Mouse Button to open the door slowly. So is it's not like Amnesia. Right Mouse button to raise the camcorder. Alright!...Hello? Alright note so read it.(Reading the note) I start feeling sick just looking at this place. Mount Massive Asylum shut down amid scandal and government secrecy in 1971, reopened by Murkoff Psychiatric Systems in 2009 under the guise of a charitable organization. Cell phone reception cut off abruptly a mile out, more like a jammer than a lost signal. The Murkoff Corporation has a long track record of disguising profits as charity. But never on American soil. Whatever they thought they could get out of this place has to be big. Might finally be the story that breaks the bastards. (Ends reading) Alright if you say so Miles Upshur. OK This is Myles Upshur recording live from Mount Massive Asylum. It seems to offly be windy. I don't need this up. I don't know if I have a battery or something, are these Army vehicles? Really? What happened here and why is nobody nearby and why am I waltzing in here? There needs to be some sort of security, OH WAIT! Demonic Horrific Inves...Infestation not investigation. Hello? Bing Bong, (faintly) delivery. Ok so I asume I gotta find another way around. Hello this seems to be a sutable location. I don't know if I have indefinite sprint, ok that's locked definitly not. Can I jump, ok I can jump forward but not up. How about I bunny hop my way over hear. Hello! MMMM I do believe this gate is locked. OK so there's gotta be something around here like a Cellar Door. it makes sense I come into a horror game especially a mental institution hrough the cellar. AH there we go teaching me how to crouch at the same time. Get all the tutorials out of the way. I got to say I am VERY impressed with the graphics right now. Very nicley well done. Superb. Ok can I go in here? Hello, yes jiggly jiggyl ahhh come on. Can I bash it down.
Mark tries to open a side door.
Nope jiggly jiggly, alright so that was a negatory I thought is was guiding me the right way with the light but I see a window up there I'm gonna try to get up. Latter! Let's see, You can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel yeah I can see that. (water gushing) What? Did I just pee my pants (sees fountain) oh I was, ok. Hang on there hehe don't go crazy just yet. HMMM obviously in the beginning of spends alot of time setting the tone. For what the game's gonna be. You can actually pick up alot of foreshadowing at the beginning of the game. If you go back to anmesia, there's actually quite alot of foreshadowing throughout the game that's pretty interesting to what it's gonna be. Uh-oh. Well, that's the start of something BAD hehe! What is this? Is it that move? I don't remeber the movie but it's Outbreak or Containment. I froget what it's called. This is gonna be good. HUHH haunted plant HMMM I can feel the leaves. MMMM. Ok, so I got a cool timer that says how long I've been recording for, I can turn that off right? So since I am an investigative reporter, I woh what did I just do? Hello I decided to corres the side of the wall for a second there. HMM peaking out ever so closely. Dunnunuh investiagtive reporter, Martial Upshur, I froget what my name was. What's that?
Loud bloodcurdling scream
OK what was that? Was that the TV?! Why did the TV do that? What's something on, that There's something on that. Oh it's just a symbol...(stares off) Hello? Why you be doing that? Ok anyway. I'm just gonna keep the, oh so I do sorta move it with my body. Alright squeeze through the gap. This is gonna be good. I already see blood on the walls which is definatly a good sign. Can I hack into these computers or something AH Battery cool. Wonder why the infered light needs separate batteries but it's an interesting mechanic. SAY what are you doing there? SAY what's going on.Ok so I only have a very specific amount of battery for the infered lighting better take that causiously. Bop bop bop bop bop bop bop, who's there? Collect the documents, Let's Read. (Reading the document) Project Walrider BILLY?! YEAH! Patient Billy!Yeah awesome, Patient claims to have progressed to self-directed lucid dream states. Morphogenic Engine activity observed at unpreceded scale. Continueing stage 4 Hormone-HOMRONE schedule. Siprometry revealed no bronchial accumilation. Hemo-Hematocrit centrifuge again failed to separate erythrocytes. Highly worrysome. MRI revealed arhymic *takes short breath* REM cycle. Laughter in NREM state. And a few notes, Billy asked about his mother's lawsuit against Murkoff and the Asylum. This represents catosrouphic breach in security. Despite Billy's claims he discovered the truth in the blood streams of doctor Trager. The only Trager on company records. one Richard Trager is an exe-executive from MRD. ALl orderlies and security personal must be questioned and video security improved to include analytic biometrics (Finished reading the note). Alright. Oh hello, that was bit of a mouthfull there but I got through it non the less. I'm hoping thay my narrative reading style will be (hears locking door) Oh sorry does someone want some privacy in the bathroom? TOO BAD I'ma coming in. Scuse me, you tinkling in there? I gotta use the bathroom. Ohh Cola. My favorite Alright then, that's not a good sign. So either someone was going in or going out. Let's see what does this say? Rockingly flomejudan, hello. Gotta another battery, I see a little bar 4 out of 10. Ok whatever no time for that. No time to go to the bathroom either. Oh hello wait, there we go jiggidy jigidy. Ok so I can't-I can't open anything. And let me put down my camera for a second there. Seems like th-WAH! Are those intestines?! Someone was having a nice intestine and cola snack. MMM the tasty treat that can't be beat. Ok I;m guessing I go up here. Yeah great idea lets go in the vent where there was blood. Investigative Journalism at it's best.
No Not you Again!
AHH! Oh hey. Oh I'm sorry are you the guy I was bargining in from the bathroom with? Mabye he was coming to collect me, or hold his hand, or whip his butt for him. I'm good at that. Professional butt-whipper before I did Youtube. Let's see
Headless body falls off the ceiling
AH! What was that?! What the hell was that?! What did you just throw at me?! I wasn't ready for that, Jesus calm down. Ok so it was a dead body. A headless dead body. Alright and there's another dead body. It is also headless that's fantastic. Good great good great haha! Alright so this is how this game's gonna be. UHHH! that's so creepy. Is that a thing full of head?! UHHH! Ok so mabye at this point I'd like to dive out the window and run
They killed us. They got out. The Variants. You can't fight them. You have to hide. Can unlock the main doors from Security Control. You have to get the fuck out of this terrible place.
OK! UHH! I think I'll do that. If you say so. And now you're gonna promtly die. Oh not yet. I'm gonna take your advice and that window I'ma go crashing through. THAT is a large collection of heads WOW I'm gonna run out of battery, gotta keep moving. Uhh, that guy was in like full body armor. Where'd they go? Thanks for the warning bro. Kay. NO don't open the door. Close the door, Close the damn door. CLOSE THE FREAKIN DAMN DOOR! I'm pressing the left mouse button, ok you know what, I'm gonna turn that off. We're gonna creep along ever so gently. Until we find whatever the frick a frack I'm looking for. Hello. Watch out for me I'm an investigative reporter. Gotta camrecorder. Camrecorder. Camcorder. Kay, it's offly bright.
Little Pig.
And who are you, then? I...I see merciful god, you have sent me an apostle. Guard your life son, you have a calling.
HI! My name is Mike Upshur, Investigative Reporter. How you doing? oh me? I'm Markiplier Good to see ya. Do I? Does that calling include insantiy and death? Becuase that seems to happens in this place. So that was some sort've priest, was that the guy from the painting? I saw a painting when I first entered the building. I saw a guy who looked like some kind of a priest. That might've been that guy.Escape the asylum is my only objective, Great Idea! Finally got a right idea even though he didn't go backwards but I guessed he dropped down that vent. So he couldn't so yeah. What is with this place and collecting people's heads?! There's just severed heads left and right! This isn't good. That's not good. that guy's...escuse me sir you seem to have dropped your intestines all over the floor you, gonna pick those up? Oh you gonna leave that for the jannitor? What a douche. Alright Ok, so did he give me, I thought he took my camera for a second there. You dead? Are you actually dead? You seam to still have your head so I'm gonna asume that you're not dead until you look like you're dead. Mabye I'll just put you to bed. Man the hecky heck did this all happen? I don't know anymore. I don't even want to know. So anyway that was a bit of a heart attack to start the game off. I'm officially all out of time for this part but expect there to be alot more in this series, ALOT! ALOT! of upcoming stuff. I might even go up to three videos a day, is that my blood? Ok it's not my blood. So this is gonna be an absolutly incredible game, it's gonna be an incredible game I can already tell, it's gonna be absolutly fanamitale, I'm so excited to play it. So, thank you all for watching, click the annitations below and as always' I'll see you in the next video.
Outro Music Plays and Video ends.
Outlast 2 Demo OH GOD NOT THERE!!