"The Livestream has ENDED!"
Release Date October 14, 2012
Length 1:00
Link The Livestream has ENDED!
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Series Markiplier Vlogs
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"The Cruel Ways of Dr. Richard Jones"

The Livestream has ENDED! is a vlog episode by Markiplier.



Full Transcript
(Mark is sitting at his desk. All the lights in his room are off, except for a single one off-screen partially illuminating his face, which is in a creepy, tilted smile at the camera. Eerie music plays in the background.)

Mark: Hello, everybody. (pauses and continues creepily smiling) There's a livestream going on where I'm livestreaming Amnesia custom stories. (pauses and continues smiling) Click the link in the description below to be taken there. (screen fades to black-and-white) Or you could stay here... with me... forever... (creepy music intensifies as the camera slowly zooms in on Mark's still-smiling face, while he slowly rotates his head as well)

(At the very end of the video, when the camera is zoomed very close to Mark's face, he shakes his head side to side multiple times in a silly fashion)

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