"The Ned Affair"
Ned affair icon
Release Date August 26, 2014
Length 5:15
Outro music Cyndago Theme
Link The Ned Affair
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Series Live Action
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The Ned Affair is a live action episode by Cyndago, featuring Markiplier.


Warfstache must pay for what he did! Ned and Warfstache go stache-to-stache in this non-stop and overly-hyphenated face-off!


Full Transcript
Wooh Sorry I was late I was at Freddy Fazbear's.
Mmm, good ol' Freddy Fazbear's what was it your son's birthday?
Anyway, so what are we doing here today?
Today we're hear to take down a man by the name of Wilford Warfstache. He's the prime suspect of one of the most gruesome murders we've seen on this side of town. He was caught having an affair and terminated all witnesses. A steaming husband, his wife, the neighbor, their dog, and allegedly…
Baby noise.
Their baby.
Yeah. He burnt down the house afterwards and we could only find the remains of everyone but the child. Chances of survival are slim. We believe these killings were done in this fashion due to the fact that the night before he watched the Dear Sister sketch on Saturday Night Live. Ripped 'em right off.
Didn't Family Guy do the same thing?
Ah well-the important thing is this case is important to me. We're going after a sicko right here and I will not rest until I bring him to the sweet uncertain showers of justice.
Is this the place?
Oh yeah I am positive. Lets doodie!
It. Let's do it.
Montage of getting ready.
Room is empty
Where's your gun?
My-Oh! I don't draw my gun unless there's a crisis situation. I mean you've heard the reports guns are the leading cause of death-.
Shut up.
Music starts playing
I think I here some sweet sassy music coming from that direction. Lets go.
The cops stare as Wilford Warstache dancing and one starts dancing
What are doing right now?!
The two being arguing and one gets shot
No it was an accident I swear.
Gah! This looks like one of those crisis situations.
Stop right there!
Pulls out his gun covered with a dildo
Haha, hey Wilford looks like you use excessive force. ANALY.
Wilford starts running and chase scene ensues


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