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Alias(es) Tobuscus, TobyGames, TobyTurner
Gender Male
Born Toby Joe Turner
Birthdate March 3, 1985
Age 32
Birthplace Osborn, Mississippi
Residence Los Angeles, California
Nationality American
Occupation Actor, comedian, musician, internet personality
Years active 2006-present
Internet information
Channel Tobuscus
Twitter Toby Turner
Facebook Tobuscus
Wikipedia Toby Turner
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Toby Turner, better known by his online alias Tobuscus, is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, musician, and internet personality. He is best known for his YouTube videos as well as a number of television and film roles. He hosts three channels for vlogs, sketches and Let's Plays respectively. His gaming channel, TobyGames, has almost 7 millions subscribers, while his Tobuscus channel has over 6 million subscribers and his TobyTurner channel has over 2 million subscribers. Markiplier and Toby battled each other in the game Nidhogg, but Toby won every time. They also challenged each other at several levels in Happy Wheels: when one was blindfolded they had to rely on what the other instructed them to do to beat a level, then switch for the next level. In his series of WorldBuscus, he has shown several times his annoyance of Mark's choleric temperament, and fans consider the two to be friendly rivals. Toby also owns his own server on Minecraft known as WorldBuscus, which many of Toby's fans use to create things for him (and once even a Markiplier statute).

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