Console PC
Publisher Terry Cavanagh
Genre Platformer
Episodes 2
Playlist Awesome Games!
Run November 8, 2013 - November 14, 2013
Status Complete
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VVVVVV is a game played by Markiplier. It is a 2d Sci-Fi themed puzzle platformer.

Game Information

Unlike most platforming games, in VVVVVV the player is not able to jump, but instead can reverse the direction of gravity when standing on a surface, causing Captain Viridian to fall either upwards or downwards. The player uses this mechanic to traverse the game's environment and avoid various hazards, including stationary spikes and moving enemies. Later areas introduce new mechanics such as moving floors or rooms which, upon touching one edge of the screen, cause the player character to appear on the other side. VVVVVV contains eight main levels situated inside a larger open world for the player to explore. Due to its high level of difficulty, the game world contains many checkpoints, to which the player's character is reset upon death.


The player controls Captain Viridian, who at the outset of VVVVVV must evacuate the spaceship along with the captain's crew, when the ship becomes affected by "dimensional interference". The crew escapes through a teleporter on the ship; however, Captain Viridian becomes separated from the rest of the crew on the other end of the teleporter. Upon returning to the ship, the Captain learns that the ship is trapped in an alternative dimension (referred to as Dimension VVVVVV), and that the ship's crew has been scattered throughout this dimension. The player's goal, as Captain Viridian, is to rescue the missing crew members and find the cause of the dimensional interference.


  2. VVVVVV #2


  • Markiplier played a level based on this game in Happy Wheels Highlights #15.
  • The game's name appears to be the initials of the names of the game's characters whose names all start with the letter v.

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