Release Date December 15, 2014
Length 12:26
One-Off Guide
Game Whack Your Boss
Series Whack It Games
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WARNING: BRUTAL is the one-off episode of Whack Your Boss played by Markiplier.


Watcher beware! This stress-relief exercise might be excessively violent :P

Full transcript
Hello, everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to the obscenely requested "Whack Your Boss"!
Fun fact: The song playing is called "Another day at the office.
Now, this game is a little gory from what I've seen, I haven't played it myself, but I've seen pictures. They involve a lot of blood spraying on a lot of walls! So, if you're not into that stuff, don't watch this video! Or if you're morbidly curious, go right ahead, but Markiplier does not condone the whackage of any bosses! Or anyone, for that matter. Markiplier does not, also does not condone the usage of the word "whack" in common vernacular.
The boss enters the protagonist's workspace.
Hello! Hey, boss!
No, no, no, no, no. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It's come to my attention that you're not measuring up.
You'll need to stay late. Again. With no overtime.
Your project has to be completely redone. You can't seem to do anything right.
I can do one thing right!
I'll have to write you up again, too.
You're just not measuring up. That's three more demerits this week.
Wait a minute, is he just looping through different insults for me? How dare you!
Another man grabs the clock off the wall.
Wait, what?
The man throws the clock at the boss, hitting him in the eyes.
Thanks for the assist, buddy!
The protagonist hits the boss with the clock repeatedly.
Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! No-ho-ho, he's-
The boss gets kicked in the crotch.
OH! That's so horrible! just end it already!
The protagonist finishes the boss off.
OK, I asked for too much. Why am I playing this game? Last time I played a "Whack Your" game was "Whack Your Ex" when I did the Wasabi Challenge, which you can find in the description below if you really want to see that.
No when. No want.
Markiplier laughs as he summons the cleaner.
Woah! Hey, it's the cleaner from John Wick! Ah, he paid him a Gold Doubloon and he was gone!
The protagonist hits the boss with his computer.
Boom! Well, that was over quickly!
The protagonist runs up to the boss and beats him to death.
Oh, not do-Oh, not done! Not done!
The protagonist returns to his workspace with the computer.
Now you're done. Great.
The protagonist throws his computer at the boss's body on the floor, prompting a laugh from Markiplier.
I admit that this game is just pretty much me sitting here, relaxing and reacting to things that I see, which is totally fine. I mean, hey, the Fine Brothers do a great job with that.
The protagonist tries to pull the door off his cupboard.
And that was just on another episode of YouTubers React!
The protagonist looks at his boss, closes the cupboard and slams the boss' face into it repeatedly.
Ooohhh! Ha ha! It mostly involves just beating his face into various objects! Well, I imagine that's it's going to get creative any time soon here. Oh, gosh! Why?
It's come to my attention that you're not measuring up.
It's come to my attention that you're a dick!
The protagonist whacks his boss with the lamp.
Ungh! O...K... Yep, more just beating his face in. I don't even know if a lamp would be able to kill someone.
The boss starts twitching.
Ugh. Why did he have to?
The protagonist removes the boss' shoe and sock.
Wh-what? Why? Why? Why? What? Why!?
The protagonist covers the boss' foot with the lamp and crawls over to the socket.
The protagonist turns the lamp on and it electrocutes the boss.
Alright. That was my original assumption.
The lamp eventually explodes, leaving the boss' foot singed.
Alright. OK, his toes exploded! That's the worst punishment a boss can receive!
No, no, no, no, no.
The protagonist whacks his boss with the phone.
The protagonist then strangles him with the cord.
Aah, why strangle? Why do the strangle? You'd think that someone else in this office would come and stop me, unless they all hate him just as much.
The protagonist darts his boss to the floor, and suffocates him. The boss runs out of breath and loses consciousness.
Well, that was sad. Alright. *laugh*
I know WHY this game exists. It exists because it is a stress reliever for everyone who goes through the ni--
The protagonist whacks his boss with the glass bottle, causing it to shatter. He then stabs him in the face with it.
--Ow, my goodness.
The protagonist pushes his boss' head down as he continues stabbing him in the face.
Oh, no!
The boss falls down in a bloody mess.

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