Basic Information
Type Facial Decoration
Users Markiplier,
Wilford Warfstache
Bob (in game)
Media Information

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A Warfstache is a pink mustache in the style of Wilford Warfstache's mustache. Markiplier often uses it to represent his channel, an event (which he has influence in), or he just uses it to muck around with.


The Warfstache is a large pink handlebar mustache.  It's size varies in videos, from being small enough to cover Mark's upper lip to out-sizing the length of his face. Warfstache has appeared in numerous amounts of games, but a recently played game, "With the Addition of Markiplier", has Markiplier killing an impostor of Tiny Box Tim with his Warfstache power. In the sequel, "With the Addition of Markiplier: Asses and Angels", Bob uses the Warfstache to destroy the fake angel that killed Mark, Jack, and Wade in the "Powerful but Unaware" ending.

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