Who Killed Markiplier?
Host(s) Mark Fischbach, Tyler Scheid, Robert Rexx, Mick Lauer, Pamela Horton, Chris Hampton
Episodes 9
Run October 10, 2017
Status Complete
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Now, this evening, it's not all about the poker. It's not all about me. It's about you. So drink up and be merry! Life is for the living! And who knows? I could be dead tomorrow.

—Markiplier, Chapter 1

Who Killed Markiplier? (also known as WKM) is a multi-video story series made by Markiplier, with Tyler ScheidPamela Horton, Robert Rexx, Mick Lauer, and Chris Hampton acting alongside Mark. The series is dedicated to Friday, October 13th of 2017. The website was created. The project was mentioned beforehand in A GOOD 'OL FLOOR VLOG and WHERE THE F$@K?.


You have been invited to poker night at Markiplier Manor! But something seems amiss. Markiplier has been murdered, and the murderer cannot be found.

In Chapter 1, you arrive at Markiplier Manor. In front of you, the Colonel is standing at the front door. After entering, you encounter the Butler, who welcomes you. You also meet Mayor Damien and the Chef before finally coming to face the man of the hour - Mark himself. After getting obscenely drunk and passing out, you wake up the following morning to the Butler, who brings you a hangover cure. Damien greets you, and then you head downstairs for breakfast- but Mark's corpse falls in front of your face, accompanied with a flash of lightning. After hearing the lightning, the Detective, the Butler and the Chef trail in one by one. The Detective sends you off to investigate the alibis of all the guests to try and weed out the killer and after talking with the Colonel, the Butler, the Chef, and Damien, the Detective brings you back into the main hall to find Mark's body has disappeared.

In Chapter 2, everyone (sans Damien) gather to see Mark's body has disappeared and believe it to be a "zombie problem" but the Detective decides to have you walk with him around the house to talk about his theories on the murderer's motives and the biggest question: Why? You both go into Mark's room to look for evidence and find four photographs: the first being Mark, Damien, and the Colonel all looking happy together, the second is Mark being happy with an unknown woman with Damien and the Colonel looking unhappy, the third is Mark and Damien looking unhappy with the Colonel and the woman both gone, and the last one is smashed and a picture of just the Colonel. Upon lowering it, the Colonel appears in front of you and asks the Detective if he and you can walk together. Upon going outside, you meet up with Damien who fails to notice the Colonel's presence twice and theorizes that the murderer may not be anyone who was at the party last night. A sudden gunshot causes you both to run inside to see the Colonel and the Detective pointing their guns at each other but before it can get worse, the same woman from the photographs bursts through the front door.

In Chapter 3, the woman (Celine) asks what is happening and the Colonel is shocked to see her. When learned of Mark's death, Damien tells her that he was murdered and that the body is missing. Celine finds this strange as you all suddenly teleport into the main hall and again around the table. She notices how quiet you are and believes you have a "far greater role in this" than anyone else and asks for your help to communicate with Mark using the Arcane Arts to the Detective's disapproval. You both go upstairs into a room where she uses her crystal ball to make you see certain past events that are slightly altered and then you see something you have not yet experienced. You wake up and draw a picture of a man digging a hole and the others barge in. While Celine argues with Damien, the Detective has the Chef confess it to be the Groundskeeper, George you saw in the vision. You and everyone else go outside to see George as in your vision but is slightly different and he explains that he has not been inside the house for 15 years and will only go back inside if a certain event should happen. Suddenly, that event happens and George rushes inside where Damien and Celine stayed behind in the room and the Colonel was asleep in his own. The door to the room bursts open and you see Celine surrounded by light as she looks more malicious as George shuts the door.

In the Final Chapter, George locks the door holding Celine and Damien as the Colonel rushes in and asks where they are to which George responds by saying they are gone. The Detective asks where he's going and he responds by saying that the house is cursed and they all need to leave. The Colonel refuses to leave without Damien and Celine and rushes off in anger with the Detective following as the Butler and Chef do the same. As you are left alone you hear Celine's voice whispering to you but you don't see her; suddenly you are stuck in some kind of "bubble world" inside the house where everything is distorted as you teleport around the house hearing a bit of the past and a bit of the future and when you exit the "bubble world" you find yourself at the Detective's office who has evidence of everyone. The Colonel walks in looking for you but upon seeing the Detective's evidence he comes to the conclusion that the Detective orchestrated everything that happened, including Damien and Celine's deaths and rushes off to find him. He and the Detective argue upstairs and the Colonel in blind rage, shoots him but when you try to take the gun from him he accidentally shoots you, causing you to fall as he says "It was an accident, I swear.". You wake up in a black void where Mark's body falls out from the darkness as it's eyes go black and it talks to you saying "It's not fair is it?"; after this Damien and Celine walk into the void glowing blue and red light. They explain that Mark took everything from them in his quest for revenge but reveal that death doesn't mean the same thing here and can escape from the void if they, as Damien quotes: "Let me in.". You wake up ten hours later where you fell and see the Colonel who was cradling Damien's cane after staring at your body in remorse and causes his sanity to shatter and believe that nobody actually died and walks off to find Damien and Celine.

Once he is gone, you pick up Damien's cane but your hand changes to someone else's and you look in the mirror to see you have taken on Damien's appearance. You crack your neck and the mirror cracks with blue and red light seeping through the cracks with static as you suddenly walk away, but for some reason you are stuck looking at the broken mirror.

The Truth

The story began when Mark and the Colonel both grew up together inside the Manor in their younger years and Damien would drop in from time to time and the three were known as "the gang" together (Mark was friends with the Detective as this time too, but he never met the Colonel or Damien). The three of them were best friends with each other but the tragedy begins when Damien introduces the two to his sister, Celine.

Mark and the Colonel both develop strong feelings for her and eventually she ends up marrying Mark and the two live together in the Manor, causing Mark to ignore Damien and the Colonel that puts a wedge in their friendship. Celine herself notices that something is wrong with the house as she is persuaded by the Colonel to dump Mark for him and she leaves Mark for him.

Mark is left alone with Damien as the Colonel runs off with Celine, devastating Mark as he is betrayed by his best friend and lover and is left alone when Damien becomes the mayor of the city and is forced to tend to his job. The result is Mark cutting ties with everyone (Damien, Celine, the Colonel, and the Detective) and he spends his time alone in the Manor and goes into depression. Deciding life is no longer worth living, Mark commits suicide in the house by stabbing himself to death, but instead ends up in the void (Upside-Down) for the first time.

The Upside-Down is an unknown void that exists outside of reality and is somehow infused with the inside of the Manor, making it so the inside of the Manor is no longer our world and is the same as the Upside-Down, a place where the laws of physics don't apply and where the reality is what you think; within the Upside-Down there are these entities or "ideas" that have their own Sense of Self and are able to communicate with Mark (and anyone else) who is inside the Manor, one specific entity uses this against Mark unknowingly to it's own advantage, making the house itself a character in all this - the entity using the house and the people inside as a medium to interact with reality.

The Upside-Down sends Mark back to his broken body, despite it being in a condition that normally wouldn't be able to sustain life due to the Upside-Down being able to breaks the rules of reality. He is unable to comprehend how he returned and decides to take his life again different times by stabbing himself 36 more times, poison, beating himself, strangling, drowning, and shooting himself. Each time, he is sent back to his further mutilated body and is kept alive due to the Manor.

Over time, Mark begins to understand the Upside-Down/the Manor by looking into the history of the house and how it is somehow connected to the void. During these years of solitude, one of the entities begins to whisper ideas into Mark's ear by telling him how it's not fair what the Colonel and Celine did to him and make him believe he is right for it's own advantage. It does this by convincing Mark that he came up with these ideas himself and Mark "decides" to take revenge against the Colonel for ruining his life by framing him for his "death".

The entity makes Mark come up with the idea to frame the Colonel: a Poker Night with all his old friends involved to make it seem like actual murder. Mark invites the Colonel, Damien, and the Detective along with his Butler and Chef. The protagonist is the District Attorney, a friend of Damien's who work with him and is invited along to make it look all the more convincing as Damien's +1.

You arrive at the Manor and meet the Colonel outside the front door where you both enter and give the Butler your invitation. You meet everyone and Mark comes down the stairs and gets everyone, except himself, drunk as part of the plan, unaware that he is actually the entity's pawn in all of this (the events of the party actually foreshadow the events of the series).

While you and the others all go to sleep intoxicated at 1:30 in the morning, Mark invites the drunken Colonel down to the cellar to frame him for the "murder": he lies to the Colonel and explains how he wants to put all the bad blood behind them and revive their friendship through a game of Russian Roulette.

He rigs the gun so it won't shoot the Colonel who is angry that Mark could've shot him and tells the Colonel that if he shoots him and it turns out to be a dud, then it's all even between them. The Colonel takes his shot and "kills" Mark - horrified for what he did, he drags the body upstairs and goes back to his room and hopes nobody finds out.

You wake up seven hours later at 8:30 in the morning and meet Damien who finds it strange that Mark invites them all back together without sudden reason but shrugs it off as you go downstairs to find Mark's "dead" body. Everyone except the Colonel rush in to find the body and the Detective decides to make you his new partner to find the murderer. Damien, in shock over his friend's "death", goes off to find the Colonel.

You peek through a door to see Damien and the Colonel arguing about how the latter hated Mark and didn't care about what happened, while the Colonel is trying to avoid Damien so he doesn't catch on. You go in after the former leaves and talk to the Colonel as he gives a fake guess on what happened to Mark and after talking to the Butler (showing a broken bottle of the shooting last night) and the Chef who shows you video surveillance of Mark and the Detective meeting three days before the party as the former asked him to investigate the Chef and Butler (unaware of Mark/the entity's true plan) and when the video ends, the Chef is nowhere to be seen, so you go outside to talk with Damien.

Unseen, Mark goes back to his body and moves to make it look like the murderer moved the body out of fear of being found out and believes by the end of this he'll be able to escape in the Colonel's body and leave the Colonel trapped without a body as his revenge, but this was never going to work as the entity had it's own plans. The Detective walks in and finds the body missing so he calls you back inside. Everyone, except for Damien, follows in and believes that Mark has become a zombie but the Detective realizes a more important question than who it was that "killed" Mark, but why they did it. You and him walk around the house (he unintentionally says his thoughts about you aloud) and asks who stood the most to gain from Mark's "death" and decides to investigate Mark's room.

You find four pictures giving a brief story line of what happened with Mark and the Colonel's falling out just as the Colonel himself appears in front of you. The truth is, the Colonel is walking in-and-out of reality through the Upside-Down because he's been in the house as long as Mark and is more affected by the void, but the entity makes it so he doesn't question it to make sure nobody catches on with all the anomalies, even as the two of you teleport from to the ground level from the second story balcony.

He gives hints of how he despises Mark (despite being the one who hurt Mark) as he continues to defy reality without realizing just as Damien appears twice and just misses the Colonel, since the Colonel wants to avoid Damien, the entity makes it so he has an excuse to disappear both times Damien tries to talk to him (the reality is what he thinks). Damien talks with you on how he believes the murderer wasn't present at the party and was hiding in the shadows, waiting for the moment to strike. You both hear a gunshot and rush inside to see the Colonel and Detective pointing their guns at each other (the Colonel wanted to do target practice inside and almost hit Abe).

The two argue but Celine bursts through the front door before it gets any worse. This throws a wrench in Mark's "plan" as he never expected Celine to return and is worried by her appearance since she is a seer and is tapped in with the Arcane Arts (where Mark got enough knowledge to use the Upside-Down for his advantage) but the entity sees a huge opportunity with Celine as it's original plan was to steal Mark's body and leave him trapped instead so it could escape the house, but wants Celine instead since she is a far more powerful host and convinces Mark with an alternative that he thinks he came up with: steal Damien's body instead and the entity will steal Celine's body and then trap Damien and Celine in Mark's destroyed body, which was now somehow inside the Upside-Down.

Celine is shocked to hear of Mark's "death" and suspects something much bigger is happening under their noses and you all teleport again to the main hall, not questioning at all how you teleported, as Celine begins noticing how lighting crashes every time the word "murder" is said (the other fooling around with different words similar to murder) causing the entity to be fed up and teleport you all to the table where Celine decides to use you as bait to commune with Mark because she believes you are expendable and lies saying you have a "big role" in this so she can get what she wants: to find out why Mark was killed but more importantly, why the Manor doesn't follow the laws of physics and what the "dark force" behind it is.

You both go upstairs with it somehow being nighttime in just a few seconds and go into a room where Celine makes you see visions of the past and one of the future but they aren't exactly the same as they happened or will happen, most notably you looking at the Colonel as you didn't in an earlier scene. You wake up with thunder and for a split-second Celine is emanating dark light as she asks you what you saw, you draw her a picture of the Groundskeeper George digging a hole. The others barge in and Celine refuses to have anyone interfere in her goals as the Detective pulls you out and asks what the picture means to which the Butler and Chef reply by saying that it's George who's been secretly living on the grounds for over 15 years.

Most of you go outside to talk to George and the entity's plan goes smoothly as Damien and Celine go back into the room (the Colonel asleep in his own) where it and Mark can strike without the others interfering. You meet George and he is more aware of the truth of the house and says he won't go back inside unless a specific event happens. The event happens when the entity and Mark take over Damien and Celine's bodies and trap them in Mark's destroyed body by sending it to the Upside-Down so they won't take back their true ones. You all rush upstairs, waking the Colonel in the process, and you see the entity in Celine's body staring at you with light coming from behind it as George closes and locks the door.

The Colonel rushes in asks where Celine and Damien are to which George responds by telling him they're gone and that you all need to leave while you still can, claiming "this place is cursed" right before he leaves. The Colonel refuses to leave without his friends and rushes off in rage and the Detective follows suit, not understanding what is happening. The Chef and Butler leave as the latter tells you that there is nothing left here. Once you're alone, Celine whispers from nowhere to help.

Then the Upside-Down starts to bleed over into the house and time slows down as you teleport around the house and begin hearing distorted lines from the past and future and when it stops you find yourself in the Detective's office. Despite having walked by it numerous times, the entity made it so you wouldn't find it until now as part of it's plan to manifest itself and now that it has taken over Celine's body, it and Mark escape without anyone knowing the truth, so with the entity gone there is nothing left controlling the house. But in the Upside-Down there is more than one entity and a second entity noticed "the mess left behind" by the first entity and decides to use it to it's advantage by showing you the room the first one kept you away from.

You see the evidence the Detective put together and a pattern is that it's mostly evidence surrounding the Colonel because the Detective knew about Mark's mutual hate for the Colonel how he stole Celine and squeezed Mark for a lot of money to fund his sexual exploits. As you raised the same picture of the Colonel as before, he doesn't appear behind it instantly but walks into the room a second later because the second entity is different than the first. The Colonel sees the evidence surrounding him but also around Damien and Celine and, as part of the second entity's plan, he believes the Detective was the one who orchestrated everything that happened since the Poker Night and walks off in anger to find him. You and the Colonel find him upstairs and the two point their guns at each other where the Detective begins telling the Colonel how madness is all the things he did to Mark (evidencing the Colonel's hatred for his former friend to be his reason for murdering Mark) only for the Colonel to shoot him in blind rage and as you attempt to take the gun from him, the Colonel accidentally shoots you and causes you to fall off the balcony as he says in a distorted voice: "It was an accident. I swear.".

You find yourself in a black void that is revealed to be the Upside-Down. Mark's body suddenly falls out of the darkness with black eyes and something is speaking through it saying "It's not fair is it?", and soon Damien (radiating blue light) and Celine (radiating red light) appear from behind Mark's body and tell you how Mark took everything from them and trapped them in his broken shell. Celine says there's no time to explain but tells you that death does not mean the same thing in the house/Upside-Down and that you can escape (what she knows you want to hear), but you need to trust her and Damien, to which Damien (with every intention of doing the right thing) trusts Celine and asks you to "let me in", meaning you to let her and him inside your body for the three of you to share as it is the only way you can all escape (when Damien says this, the image flickers and for a split-second he and Celine vanish, but there is a red silhouette in Celine above Mark's body).

What you and Damien don't know is that the second entity is controlling Celine without her realizing to get what it wants. She/it sends you all back to your body where you find the Colonel watching over your body for the past ten hours holding Damien's cane in remorse for his actions, but he falls to madness when he sees you, whom he killed, somehow get back up alive after ten hours and he finally breaks down as he believes it was all a joke Damien put him up to and that death no longer means anything. He rushes off to look for his friends and now turns into the dangerous Wilford Warfstache who can defy the laws of physics due to being warped into madness by the Upside-Down. As he leaves, you turn towards Damien's cane and your hand suddenly changes and you look into the mirror to see that your body has now shifted into Damien's form.

You crack your neck as light flashes before the mirror cracks apart with red and blue light (representing Damien and Celine's presence with static seeping through the cracks as the image has grown dark. You are forced out of your body when the second entity fuses with the darkness of Damien and Celine to create an unstable being that was never meant to exist: Darkiplier. It kicks you out for unknown reasons, maybe because you're not useful or because as the original owner of the body you may have more influence, so Dark forces you out and traps you inside the mirror forever.


  • The Host of the House, Mark (Markiplier)
  • The Colonel (William)
  • The Mayor (Damien)
  • The Seer (Celine)
  • The Detective (Abe)
  • The Butler
  • The Chief
  • The Groundskeeper (George)
  • The District Attorney (The Viewer/Protagonist)


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Who Killed Markiplier - Behind the Scenes + Bloopers


  • The two times the Groundskeeper said murder were not accompanied by lightning, whereas every other instance the word was used is accented with lightning. This is because he has not been inside the house for over 15 years.
  • The budget for this project was about $150,000[1]
  • Mark, Damien, and the Colonel all have their own unique saying that represents them in some way: Mark's saying "Life is for the living" is ironic considering the majority of the story is based around his murder. Damien's saying "Life is ours to choose" shows how he always intends to do the right thing for everyone despite how that backfired on him in the final chapter. The Colonel's saying "Life needs a bit of madness" is a foreshadowing of how he descends into madness in the final chapter after seeing the Protagonist come back to life after ten hours and becomes the insane Wilford Warfstache.


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